Which address should be our primary domain?

Which address should be our primary domain?

  • [url]www.trade2win.co.uk[/url]

    Votes: 49 53.8%
  • [url]www.trade2win.com[/url]

    Votes: 26 28.6%
  • [url]www.t2w.com[/url]

    Votes: 16 17.6%

  • Total voters


Trade2Win is now accessible through three different domain names. We'd like to gauge members opinions as to which they think should be our main address, so please let us know which you think is the best one to represent us.



Experienced member
Are there any benefits with a name change? I can think of several reasons to keep the current domain name. All the search engines and web links on other websites will have the current domain name. Seems a shame to change it, unless there is a good reason.


In anwser to those questions.. there is no need to have more than one domain, as all you need is an address that people can access you from. However it can be a good idea to have more than one domain, because often people inadvertantly access .com instead of .co.uk or the other way round, so it saves them having to retype it in - also if you're like me you appreciate a short name - I like google for instance because its easy to type in - hence having an abbreviation can be a good thing if you want to be able to go to some site quickly.

Bigbusines, you're right about the hassle of changing the doman, thats true - but this is minimised because you can automatically redirect to the right domain, so the end user doesn't realise they've switched domain it's seamless.

A reason you might want to change from .co.uk to .com would be if you wanted to appeal to a broader market. For example the latest stats show that over 7% of members access us from the States, and about 3% from the rest of the world. We've even recorded hits from the likes of Panama, Iran, Kuwiat and the US virigin Islands - a total of 65 countries. Obviously the focus of the site is here in the UK, but with a global appeal, it might make more sense to use a global domain. Then again it might not!? Hence I thought I'd throw the debate open to the lions! :)


t2w.com hands down. 3 letter domain names are an asset to hold on to and exploit to their fullest!


Experienced member
www.trade2win.co.uk...is my choice

and the reason is that in world of all .coms it is good to have site that is instantly recognisable as a UK site...


Veteren member
as a discussion point, I wish all domains were .com.
have never found a use for .org or whatever and
.co.uk smacks of a whitehall farce (literally) .gov.uk ?
or is the CIA at work again ? Ah, another conspiracy theory ?

The french seem to use .fr and australia .au (?) so .uk
would be ok but .co.uk seems overkill.
and listening to TV announcers rattling off the full address
www................ is archaic ?
you dont hear them doing that in the States or elsewhere.


Experienced member
.COM is very archaic site extension now as it has been around from day one...like dos command.com etc etc...

like www....which is an ear sore.....COM is the same....it should be replaced according to the country, so I am in favour of it.

Anyway peoples choice on the survey above appears to favour...co.uk...
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