Where is Trumps money?


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Hello Folks,
And welcome to another episode of "Inside Nowler's Noggin"!

Todays ponderings: Where is Trumps money?

I'm just trying to figure out where my equities portfolio is headed and with all the impending USD news (most of my portfolio is in North American equities) which is likely to decide where the US equities go.

Coupled with Trumps desire to stop the strengthening of the USD, I just feel that something is just around the corner. Should the USD weaken, that will likely hit US equities (ie. About 50% of my portfolio).

But where is most of Trumps wealth?
Apart from in property.
And can we know when he moves it? (Maybe an indication of imminent economic decline).

I appreciate that this is not something I understand thoroughly. So I apologise for the crudeness


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Prime estate in Moscow. :idea:

Building Trump Tower in Red Square I'd imagine (y)


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Trump owns properties around the world and this affects his political decisions. For instance he named and banned some ME countries that have had nothing to do with terrorism while protecting Saudi Arabia whose nationals bombed America in 9/11.
Ah what money does to some people. Their greed warps their judgement.

If enough anti Trump people all decided to take a dump on the floor in a one of his hotels at a pre arranged time he might take notice.


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Probably bought up a big chunk of Venezuela for next to nothing.
What are you thoughts on the "Drone" that was allegedly used to aim an attack for Nicolas Maduro? There was speculation saying it was due to a gas tank explosion? Who do you think are the perpetrators in this act if it is evident?


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I forgot I even asked this question.
Been busy juggling work with trading and investing homework. I did however take 2 days off where i did neither... almost (difficult to stop thinking about the market).

My question isn't really that clear... I don't even quite understand what I was asking :)


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I don't know much about the current whereabouts of his money but I have found a video of where it came from.



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I don't think Trump has that much money as he claims he has, that's why he did not want to show his tax returns, also that's why the Russians come into the picture.

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