Whats your super hero name?


I'm Captain Warrior. :cheesy:

I've just put a friend's name in and got Colossal Moron! Don't think I'll tell him.
Ballistic Dwarf... I also got Atomic Wizard and Radioactive Heat from other variants of my name. I'll be like the dwarf in Pratchett's book, being about 5' 11" myself - 'oh, gotta be big to be a dwarf have you? Hightist pig!" (etc ;) )
I prefer to be known as 'Captain Whizzbang' actually, but since the left knee turned dodgy I've had to stop jumping tall buildings at a single bound, now I just take the chairlift....
Flying wizard.....my girlfriend came up as Flatulent Skull...Dont think shell be successfull starring in the next X-men film really!
The fates have dubbed me......Telepathic Brain!

hmmmmm......If only i could tell what stocks all the big institutions were gonna be buying each day
LoL, I just hit REPORT POST because the Link is out of service and i wanted a Damn Super Hero Name, and wanted to bring a Thread from 2003 back to life LoL!!!!!
Oh, well then Thanks I Suppose, see Back to life the thread becomes!! LoL

Your Superhero Name is The Wild Defender

Your Superpower is Demonic
Your Weakness is LiveJournal
Your Weapon is Your Anti-matter Bombs
Your Mode of Transportation is Capsule

Now im getting in My Capsule, Updating my Journal, and Ill drop an Anti matter Bomb on everyone because im Demonic and I dont Care!!

I Like it LOL