What's the Best Execution Only Platform for a Beginner?


Hi all,

I'm a noob when it comes to stock trading and just do it for a bit of fun although I do make some money from time to time. However, I am confused as to what kind of service to expect when using a trading platform. I currently use TD Waterhouse and am dissatisfied with them (I am aware that my total lack of knowledge maybe contributing to this) however, I trade volatile AIM (I'm based in the UK) stock a few times a week and have some serious issues with the time it takes them to execute a trade.

For instance, I bought some shares at 2.75p a few ago and watched it climb all the way to 10p in an hour. I tried to exit at around 8p however, apparently, they had to call the order though later (25 Minutes!!!) as the platform couldn't give me a price online at that moment. By the time they executed the share price had fallen to 5p and I made much, much less money than I would've done otherwise :(

Again this week, I placed an order the night before online and didn't see any action in my account the next morning. I called them 20 minutes after trading had opened and said if you haven't executed the order can you cancel it now as it's too late and I can't cancel it within my account. They hadn't placed the order yet...20 mins later.

Are my expectations too high as an amateur trader to expect that trades are executed in a timely fashion or is it because I trade AIM stock and it's hard to manage for them. I just don't know, but with such volatility, it's impossible to trade effectively.

Can anyone suggest a trading platform that is more reliable and can execute trades quickly or let me know if perhaps because I'm trading AIM stock that it's causing these problems - Perhaps another platform handles AIM better. I'm based in the UK and would prefer to use a UK company if possible.

Thank you.


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Welcome to the forum. Lots of smart and helpful people here.

Regarding trading platform, I'm partial to TOS (ThinkOrSwim). I get great execution and the processing of your order is nicely visible on the desktop platform. They also have a browser based platform with much the same capability as the desktop platform.

As an example, this morning I was adding a CALL spread to complete an Iron Condor for 5 spreads with a limit order. One of the five filled immediately and a few minutes later the other four were filled. On one screen I could see what orders were pending, what had been filled and at what price.

Others may have their own favorites.


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Many brokers will allow you to paper trade on there systems. If you have the time, try out a few.

Personally I use IB (interactive brokers), which has a long learning curve. I've heard good things about TOS, think or swim too bad its not UK friendly.


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Try to work with Demo Accts in MT4. Mt4 is leading the market so might as well work the ones popular. you can try the demo accts with Lucrorfx its risks free. and they have good platform.