What's long term prop trading like?


Hi, I'm new to the boards and have been having an interesting read through all the old discussion relating to prop trading firms (the relative pros and cons etc.), so I won't ask the same questions again! But, there were some other questions which I thought remain unanswered so I'd appreciate it if people could give their experiences/advice on the following:

1) Where do people who enter prop trading 'graduate schemes' end up 5, 10, 15 years later? Do they usually just move from firm to firm for a better deal or is there some kind of career progression available?

2) I know a lot of people ask about salary. I'm not asking anyone what they earn and I'm not interested in what can be made immediately. But, in the long run - based on someone who's average (not a great trader, not a bad one - someone who's middle of the road), typically (again, on average) what kind of money could a trader expect to be making yearly after 5, 10, 15 years in the game? I know this is an awkward question - but ball park figures would do!

3) Some people knock the prop trading route into trading, so what alternative paths would you suggest to someone like me - a recent graduate, with little capital to invest at the moment!

Many thanks!