Whats in a name? Why are you called

Newtron Bomb

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I thought it would be fun to find out why we chose our names and i remembered Skimbleshanks saying similar on another thread.

My surname is Newton and a few peeps over the years called me Newtron (boring i know) The bomb come from the link to neutron hence Newtron Bomb

The dictionary describes me as:-
Newtron Bomb n a bomb producing a good time for ladies and little blast causing temporary but harmless damage to inferior man life and little destruction to property. The result is described as the "Bond effect"
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My best friend at school preferred the name Sid to his own, I never found out why. Unfortunately he died aged 18 when he fell from a car park roof. That was 14 years ago but Sidinuk is my little tribute to him.


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When I first started out trading, I was so impressed with a guy called Hibbles who's ability to interpret charts made a life long impression on me. I aspired to be like him one day, so chose the name ChartMan. My thanks go out to Hibbles for his inspiration and encouragement.


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I started trading with a very small account, which i always hoped would be a temporary thing.
At the time of joining this forum, i had a TV in the office i trade from, and was watching 'the shining' at the time.
I was thinking of a name to relate to my financial situation when i heard Jack Nicholson say to the barman. "say, ....lloyd?...i'm temporarily light...' (or something to that effect.)

I was sure it was a sign....hehe


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I chose this because it used to be my trading style on spresdbets - EXTREMELY STUPID !! Learnt a lot since then but it always acts as a reminder to keep a cool head and disassociate.... I also wanna be extremely wealthy but hey - don't we all :)



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ChartMan said:
When I first started out trading, I was so impressed with a guy called Hibbles who's ability to interpret charts made a life long impression on me. I aspired to be like him one day, so chose the name ChartMan. My thanks go out to Hibbles for his inspiration and encouragement.

....presumable the same Hibble who used to be on Indexia Ste???


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Newt has only just pointed me to this thread, I hadnt seen it before...

Anyway, rossored is pretty simple. View my profile, you'll see the reason :

I used to sell sports cars (amongst them, Ferraris) and fell in love with the marque. Wanted something to reflect in my nick, rather than just "ferrari" (although I see we have a member who has joined since with that very nick), so rather than the exact name "rossocorsa" (for ferrari red) I chose rossored.


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Bigbusiness comes from the Laurel & Hardy film and seemed apt at the time.

Here's a review.

Big Business
Selling Christmas trees in mid-July in California is a daunting task, as Laurel and Hardy discover. When they encounter potential customer James Finlayson, they see him as the ultimate challenge. The determined but polite selling approach degenerates into very hard-selling. Insults are traded with Finlayson, who refuses to buy. Before long, the first damage is done, and the customer's house is eventually wrecked. This is one of the great comedy classics.

James Finlayson is the bald-headed, moustachioed originator of the "DOOH!" on film later uttered and made popular at the end of the 20th century by Homer Simpson. But this being a silent film, you can't hear the "DOOH".


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Mine was born from always having to come up with something different for a logon name when signing up to those endless websites that I joined when I first started surfing the internet. Where you often needed a name that consisted of letters and numbers just to make sure no one else had the same.

Lard came from my younger years of obsession with diet and fitness. Constantly analysing my food for it's nutritional value. Got really anal about it too. Thankfully I've grown out of it now.

The 42 is not my age, I still have a way to go yet. For all those that remember, it's the answer to the ultimate question of what is the answer to life, universe and everything. Well of course it's 42 for all those Hitchickers Guide fans out there.

I kind a liked the end result and haven't had any problem with someone else using the name so it's pretty much stuck and I use it for everything now. So if you come across it else where it will most definitely be me. :)

FTSE Beater

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Hi All

Mine was quite simply really. When I started out, I wanted a name that was fairly aggressive to "go in and attack the markets" and my aim from the start was to beat the FTSE 100. The theory being that if you can't beat the FTSE then why not put your money in a tracker fund. Hence the name FTSE Beater

However, as time has gone on I'm more interested in trading then letting someone else trade for me.
People have asked me why I'm not called Dow Beater these days, but the FTSE is still the benchmark I judge myself against :)

I still reckon Skim has the best story attached to her name :p


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I login using this name, but also have a nickname of PINTO ...
simply because that was a nickname given to me by an aunt when i was a nipper ..... (EVER SO LONG AGO...)

BTW, what is skim's story?


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Notmee came from an Asian guy I worked with who when asked most things such as what is up with this equipment or why is this wrong would always answer in a Peter Sellers asian voice .... "notmeee" even if you said "who is there? " same answer.
So If anyone asks me my name its Notmee.


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I think I've replied in the past on a similar thread but my nick refers to a little bundle of rag and tube that I occasionally fly called a Cyclone AX3.
Cyclone is a real misnomer.
I often wave to little old ladies on bicycles overtaking me below if there's anything like a headwind :eek:
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