Whats Everyone's Home Setup look like?


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I use five 24" Screens for day trading. My desk is about 7ft long. I purchased one of those cheap monitor stands from amazon for my top screens. Its pretty good.

Post those battle stations
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This is my old setup - it's a bit basic and rather outdated & I'm finding it rather restrictive on my trading. So I'm now looking at a more comprehensive and updated version with enough screens to let me see what's going on. ;)

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one does'nt need many screens operating if you are focused on decent strategies ..... I tend to have news feeds plus perhaps 8-10 charts max up across a few tv screens (im only intrested in forex ) ........then a laptop for posting online here and elsewhere ....and another doing my business consulting work .....plus more generic stuff like linked in and social media also perhaps running educational stuff on youtube etc ......im also using ipads and my phone that saves screen space

but i can also slim down dramatically when abroad on other peoples kit.....


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