Whats better for spreadbetting Lower NTR or tighter spread


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I notice D4F trade on dec 03 SPX carries an NTR of 100 and finspreads in 50 althought the diff in the spread is 0.3 whats better for trading?

I dont trade using D4F so I dont know if they offer a margin account
I would say the tighter the spread the better, as a small NTR/ Margin just encourages people to trade in larger lot sizes than is really advisable.

But as has been mentioned before any spread firm is really only useful for swing/position trading, due to the "tricks" they pull with prices.


Deceptive NTR figures since D4F and finspreads price the dec 03 spx differently.

With d4f your stake is per tick i.e 1/10 of an spx point.

With finspreads your stake is per point.

So assuming £1 stake, D4F's ntr covers a 10 point move. Whereas Finspreads covers a 50 point move. So, d4f is better value with regards to both margin requirements and spread.

I'm reluctant to suggest that one is better than the other with regard to short term trading. I have accounts with both simply because neither of them is sufficiently reliable to warrant only having a single account.
Slow quotes in quick markets, all trades put to trader for ok before quote given once you know what your doing. loading of bias at points of S/R.

Anyone think of any more i`m sure i`ve missed some :cheesy:

If you have a spare few days, you can surf the net and find numbers of posts on different forums showing the tricks they pull.

This site has any number of posts on D4F ( and Fins to a much lesser degree).

D4F have been in Australia for a year or so and if you go to www.incrediblecharts.com you will see that D4F are as happy to upset and trick our Australian cousins as us.
A tight bid/offer spread without question.

In fact you'll often find that the cost of doing business is THE deciding factor in whether a trader makes money over time.

And if you short term trade a market NEVER do so unless the spread is pretty tight, otherwise it doesn't matter how good you are because the costs will get you in the end.