What Traders should not do?


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Being too proud to close out for a loss
Trading because of the buzz it gives
Over-leveraging and putting too much risk on the table
Closing out a winning position too early
Trading with a small account
Feeling you always have to be in a trade / over trading


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Why should a trader not use a small account lol?


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that's Spanish fkkked then !

(for those of you who remember that little tw@t)
He's a regular poster on elitetrader still, lol. Saw this post from him the other day which made me smile. He's got life sussed!

Quote from spanish89:

It was just turnup every 2 weeks, confirm your name and national insurance number, sign the piece of paper,
and then you just went home. lol

Had to go and do that 2x per month though.

I now dont claim jsa anymore though,
as i work as a bouncer in nightclubs on weekends due to how enjoyable and pleasurable a job that is (getting paid to swan around the inside of nightclubs perving on/getting chattedup by sluts in miniskirts)! :D :p

The government has cut and limited housing benefit rates, however the new limit they've put in place is maximum £1,250 per month for 1bedroom flats. :cool:

Im not especially looking to make 'big money' from trading tbh though.

Im looking to make consistently EASY money from trading,
although choose to keep it to medium/moderate amounts of very easy money,
rather than taking bigger risk just to try making big money. :)

Ive got my base of £1,250per month + around £680 per month from bouncer work (10-15hours per week),
so am already coasting along on just under £2,000 cash income per month as my guaranteed minimum!
(Would require a job with taxed-salary of over 40k per year to match that)

And so if i can notch up £400 - £1,000 extra per month from trading,
well thats all pure pleasure spending money for me each month
ontop of my standard £2,000 month income! :cool: :p

And really isnt a bad income at all, equivalent of a 50k salary for me a guy aged in his early 20s.

But cheers though mate.

What trades are you current in / looking to make??
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