What is the most important thing a beginer should learn ??


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I think the most important thing that beginners should bear in mind is that forex is not a way to double your money in a few days or so. It requires a lot pf patience and practice to able to generate profits from forex.
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The most important thing a beginner should learn is that forex trading is not very easy, it is better to make yourself prepared with proper knowledge and always remember to be patient.


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As a beginner, focus on making a quality trades, yes it will take time but this way you can excel in forex trading, for swings take a good hold on fundamentals with proper patterns and indicators. Mix of these will help you to have good trades.


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Forget about looking for quality trades. The entities that you are trading against are in the business of seeing to it that do not see those quality trades. Intraday trading is largely about trapping and holding volume. Want to make some money in the world of short term trading as apposed to investing or active investing ; learn how to tell whether or not you are about to enter as a result of a lure to trap volume or the beginning of a substantive move. If you can't do that, get yourself a decent boundary indicator something reactive without being too reactive and play a numbers game.


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A beginner should learn before the start and after learning he must do some practice with the demo account. A demo account will be helpful for him to get a good experience, which will be helpful for real trading.


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Most important thing in trading is emotional control and Risk Money Management
All other - not so important


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How do you manage to control your emotions when you know you are not doing well in trading?
Whether you are doing well or not, I don't think you "control your emotions" as such - you try to eliminate their influence on your trading.
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Whether you are doing well or not, I don't think you "control your emotions" as such - you try to eliminate their influence on your trading.

Correct, you remove or add triggers depending on what behaviour you want to get. Working with cause is always better than treating a symptom.
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Start with clearing your basics and then move to more complex concepts. You must also give demo trading some time so that you can put your knowledge to the test.
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