What is a good staking strategy ?


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While perusing ( love that word ) U-tube's many videos, I came across this strategy.
Have confidence in your own abilities the man says and stake half your wedge on each trade.
So a wedge of say $1000 you would stake your trades as per the following.
!st trade $500
2nd trade $250
3 rd trade $125
4 th trade $62.50
Until your whole $1000 is invested.
To a person who normally stakes nearer 1%, this seems somewhat risky.

What do you think ?
It is too simplistic in my view as it does not factor in any volatility which has always been a key factor for me in taking any trade.
Sometimes instead of stopping out I use a same direction trade but up the stake to *1.5. Then *2 and finally *3. Going any further the amounts can stack up quickly.