Article What can I make in my first year trading?


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That 's right, listen to what Bramble says. After all, it is the end of the week. Friday afternoons are not always reliable because the major players are already thinking of the weekend and this has a propensity to fracture the flow of trading. So all can not be serious, give us a break, this is a serious profession, a bit of frivolity at the right time is always welcome.

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It is not just this thread but most threads tend to drift towards frivolity after the first few pages, it would have been nice if most of the arguments were funny or logical but what is the point of a thread with so many pages which bare no relevance to the title of the thread.


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No it is because you think it is a stick of Brighton Rock and instead it is a stick of Dynamite, and must not be tampered with lest you blow yourself up and everybody else around you, Bramble please.


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Can't answer fully at present as I have a nice pair in front of me which need my attention.

Suffice to say, it is these very fractures in the flow (what we call bifurcations of the space-time lower level matrix order) which provide the astute and vigilant trader with some of the best opportunities of the week.

Just timing my entry now. Back later....

Stoo Mcgoo

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Expect to go broke!
It seems that from my own weak fumblings in the spread betting market and subsequent research that over trading and complete ignorance of risk and money management result mainly in catastophe. The biggest problem most beginer traders face is that the only real way to learn this is the hard way. A bit like high speed impacts with concrete hurt but you didn't realise this until you thought 'I know a quicker way to the ground floor'!
Try to keep caring about your performance, being £2758 in the hole barley seems any different from being £3243 down, but if you could save those losses the money you don't lose will go just as far as the money you make on home run trades.
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You make it sound as if you believe it would be their money that you'd be "winning", gullible!

Like others here, I make my living that way and I can assure you it's not.

It's not like betting on horses, you know. :)

With statements of this kind all you're really demonstrating is your complete ignorance of how the spread-betting industry works.

Sorry to leap on you yet again, honestly. The _last_ thing I want is yet another tiresome argument about spread-betting, but it's really very, very annoying to the people here who make their living by spread-betting to see such prejudicial, ill-informed and untrue statements casually tossed out to misinform everyone else. It's not your gullibility that concerns me: it's the fact that newbies and others with little experience might actually believe you!
Thank you Roberto, just found this old post of yours. I agree wholeheartedly. I started SBing last August ('06) while still running my business. I earned well on one strategy and lost a bit on another strat, but now, almost a year on, I'm doing well enough to be able to give up my 'day job' as the SB gains have exceeded my salary...
Any newbies reading this, keep at it - the SB companies are not all bad, go on their seminars, read as much as you can (it's mostly free on the web) and don't give up. I spent 5-6 hours every night reading when I first started. GOOD LUCK AND GO FOR IT


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lol, all this talk of coaching and mentoring

i was thrown infront of 7 screens and a reuters account and told to get on with it
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