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A look at what is happening in the markets at the moment and if this is just a correction or the start of a longer term down-trend.

Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys. – P.J. O’Rouke

As I was about to write my alert, I happened to see the above quote and figured it was just too good not to put in the letter. In many ways, it explains the serious problems we are currently facing. Our illustrious leaders in the U.S. government (and I direct this squarely at both parties) have failed us in the biggest way. They have depreciated our currency; created incredible debt; run up mind boggling deficits; created a derivatives time bomb; got us into two wars that we can?t possibly win (but they cost us dearly in money we can?t afford to pay and precious lives); succeeded in making us the world?s most unpopular country (don?t think for a moment this is not true); caused us to drop from #1 to #24 in education in a relatively short...
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The article begins with a wonderful rant against the US Government and politicians.

The analysis that follows is interesting but seems a little out of date already...he states "My work at this time suggests that we have a rally starting later this week or early next week that runs into about July 10"... this published here on 20th July? The charts have not displayed properly on this site. Still worth a read.
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