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Let’s begin by looking at the chart in figure 1. At this stage of the cycle, my main purpose in writing is to “alert” you to potential danger in the market. I attempt to do this by explaining the Long Wave cycle, sharing its history and accuracy, and then pointing out where we are in the cycle … and the implications of being there. As a refresher, we are in the very late stages of a roughly 75 to 80 year cycle. In my observation, I refer to these cycles as “life cycles” because they last expectancy at the late stages of the cycle Kondratieff wrote about cycles, they lasted about 50 years which was the average ‘life cycle’ or life expectancy of that era. Currently, the average life expectancy is about 78 years. Is it a coincidence, that the prior ‘life cycle’ top was in 1929 and when you add 78 to 1929 you get 2007 the current life cycle? Note in the chart I show where I wrote prior alerts in my attempt to warn my readers of potentially dangerous times. The July 2007 alert pegged...
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Friends of mine who have always been working homeowners are resigned to being unemployed and living in a tent. The only thing I see them buying is fishing tackle, ammo., rice and beans. Interesting charts and synopsis, thanks.


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This is not utter bollox............This is actually exactly in line with the very long Elliott wave count that I have made myself..............I think that currently we are in a fourth wave, and then we will see a fifth wave to new lows...................After this we should see a wave 2 on the next larger scale that should retrace about 2/3's back up............After this there should be a very strong move down.....................


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It's not utter bollox because Elliot Waves confirm it???

Aaaaaaah, the irony.

If the Idiot waves confirm it, shurely that is proof that Ratchcoole is right?
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