We've moved!!


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Welcome to our new home at Shark Invested.

After a bit of tweaking finally got it up and running.


ps, sorry I meant to move yesterday but I ended up going out for a few beers instead. Come on, it was Friday! :)


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Well that showed up ok. Perhaps if anyone does experience any problems with their replies or new topics not displaying right away, until they do a Ctrl-Refresh please let me know, thanks.. and I'll carry out some more investigation.

David Cobbe

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Well done pigsy - I just want to say v. impressed. I find the colour scheme very neutral; nice one!



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Hi Pigsy,

Postreply updating is getting much better..still it doesn`t update sometimes..such as in "Is there a website.." thread..last reply left at 00.26 hasn`t been updated yet at 01.08..ctrl+refresh doesn`t help..



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Thanks David,

Rizgar... I agree the post reply seems to work every time now, though having looked at that thread "Is there a website.." the last post was in fact at 00.26, and therefore at 01.08 there would not have been any new posts. Suffice to say Ctrl-Refresh is a last resort, it will fetch the page from the servre and this will always be up to date, so if nothing new appears.. you know there hasn't been any new posts.


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