We need a FAQ!


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We all know how excellent t2w is and what a wonderful archive of threads there is here. It was pleasure to recently discover "Market Chat". Does anybody else think that we could do with a FAQ? This would allow us to pick out all the best bits of the threads, throw away all the "off message" contributions and organise them into a useful resource for new users.

Then we could have a single "How much can I expect to make from trading?" thread, a single "What types of trading exist" and "What is the best way to get started". Just think of the hours of fun we could have debating their contents!

And then if they are really succesful we could get a book printed and sharky can share the royalties with all those that contributed most (and had the idea in the first place). The glossary and reviews could be added as addenda.

Good idea, but one problem. There's no such thing as a definitive answer in trading - everyone has their own opinions and trades according to their opinion, which is why the boards are so full of interesting stuff. That's why T2W is what it is - something for everyone, without any ramping or throwing toys out of prams.

Some of the 'off message' contribution are, in fact, the best bits - these are often where the real trading nuggets lie and are sparked off by other comments and evolve into some very interesting comments.

And what you're wanting is one huge job - hundreds of hours of work as each of the 21,000+ posts would have to be read! Or perhaps you have an unfulfilled ambition to be a librarian - in which case, great idea John, and when can you start? :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy:


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I'll second that!

Very good idea - but who is going to do all the hard work.

I don't think Sharky will be up to it - probably too busy trying to keep up with the markets!

Maybe someone might volunteer.


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We all put a lot of effort into our posts, surely we would be happy to put in just a little more effort to put together a once in a lifetime post.

All we would need is a section of board called FAQ. Each thread is launched with a suggested FAQ entry - be it "What is good about level 2 trading" or whatever. People are then free to respond to the initial suggestion. After a few page the FAQ content is rewritten and the old thread moved to FAQ_ARCHIVE.

So when anybody comes along to the site - they can look in the FAQ section and read the appropriate thread. This will have a summary answer followed by a number of replies from people who either agree or disagree.

We could have a general thread where people request FAQs or argue about the structure of the FAQ.

I'm in favour of leaving things as they are, because over complication tends to dampen things - threads evolve and too much structure can be restrictive.

Are you sure you're not a repressed librarian? :D


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No - I don't think I'm repressing anything. I just hate to see wasted effort. I agree that the threads are an excellent resource, but I've only been a member for a few months and I see the same stuff coming round again and again. I've found answers to questions that I have already posted. I thought with just a small tweak of organisation we could make sure that we build on what we have each time rather than replacing. I wouldn't say FAQ's are rocket science - they are a fairly proven formula.

Remember I'm not suggesting scrapping any of the existing boards - just suggesting making a new section called FAQ and seeing if it develops and becomes popular.

Anyway - I don't mind if the members don't think they would be a useful addition to t2w - we shall wait and see.



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I agree wi Skimbo. No offence John, but most trader questions (apart from those where a straightforward 'Glossary Of Terms' with one-line answers will suffice) are much more open to a contrasting variety of answers, no single one of which would be the right one.


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No offence taken purple.

These are the sorts of questions I think would require more than one line answers:

What is the best way to get started in trading?
- which books or courses are good.

An introduction to <enter type of trading here> e.g.
how it works, what resources are required, what books are good, what sort of capital is needed, what sort of risks and returns might be expected, which t2w members you can go to for advice, which brokers are suitable etc.

Where can I find <enter some form of price or statistic>?

What resources do I need to set-up a good trading platforms
- broker, charts, hardware, internet etc.

Trading for a living - what are the tax implications.


Anyway - I hope you get the picture. Basically you could go through each of the boards and see what questions come up again and again, and see if a FAQ would be appropriate - if it is make one - if not don't bother.

We could take a board each - it wouldn't take long.



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And how could I forget that biggest chestnut of them all. spreadbet or future - I'm looking forward to giving my 2p on the definitive answer to that question.

Surely it makes sense to have answers to that sort of question, in one place, stated in a reasonably consice way. Ok - it is not going to be easy - but it is going to be fun.



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A possible solution is to copy an idea I have seen on http://www.dvdrhelp.com

As well as a forum each member can contribute 'guides'. These are commented on by the members and evolve into very good documents over a period of time.

So, no one person would have the job of administering the guides but each member could contribute and the originator of each guide edits the guide as appropriate (in response to comments).

Sound good or am I living in dream like commune land ?



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I think it boils down to the effort required. Take the Dow Intraday stuff I do. It eats my life away. Newtron Bomb has taken it upon himself to produce a weekly digest of my posts as a word document- very very useful indeed! I just don't have the time to do it so I'm very grateful for his efforts.
IF someone wants to take a thread and produce an edited digest of a particular thread or threads, then carry on. I'm sure Sharky would find space for them to live.
There is a lot of stuff on this BB to digest and beginners must find it mindblowing, to say the least. So if you fancy a topic, get on with it and put it in the "lounge" and we'll see what turns up. Labour of love....


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I think if you check most BB even with FAQ's the same questions get asked again and again anyway. Just the way it works.


Great thread, I'm all for any discussion that encourages feedback regarding the site and ultimately how we can best maintain, adapt and improve it. As its rather late and well past my bed time, I'll add my contribution tomorrow!


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Yes please- I'm worried about cataracts


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No wonder this board is going to the dogs, you'll want regular meals next dammit!
Actually I liked that 'guide' idea far more than the FAQ, somebody (else) posts a learned discourse, then perhaps they or another edits the best parts of the ensuing discussion into a finished product you can download. A bit like Greystone's bit on ADVFN in some ways, but more focussed on one item and preferably with me winning the wine each week.
Sharky, another idea - subscribe here to the new traders mag, 'cos I've tried to subscribe twice via their site and they don't reply. Feel free to apply your corporate muscle - the two free issues was great, being unable to buy issue three isn't! A convenient Credit card button would be nice. You could program the site to 'focus' on a 'donate £50 to T2W' button whenever Lord Jamla logged in for example - you owe me £25 for my cut for every time he clicks on it accidentally by the way.
Free chocolates and beer on birthdays perhaps, I'll just go check I filled my DOB in on my profile.... Isn't it odd how many fantastic ideas you get when the old creative juices start to flow?


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BTW what's up with Cataracts? I'd have thought two hulls were far safer than one, although (admittedly) they're a devil to right after capsizing.
...What? Oh, coming nurse....


I like John's idea. I'm certainly willing to put in the time to organise and contribute to the guides. The simplest way to set this up would be to create a new forum with, say 5 moderators who can then go about adding a thread for each FAQ and pulling out from all the other posts on the site, the best bits - most relevant. Members can then fill in any gaps and then each month the moderator can collate all the feedback into a more polished FAQ, starting the process again.

Of course ideally, we should have a seperate section of the site that not only acts as an FAQ but a complete guide to trading - I'm going to start work on that later this year!

Let me know what you think, it's a bit of work to maintain and we'd need volunteery moderators for the FAQ forum. In a way it comes down to how many people would be interested in helping out and how much time it takes and their willing to commit. But the more people involved the easier it gets!


ps. Dave will contact Traders' on your behalf regarding the sub. I'll let you know how I get on.


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I think what I was trying to suggest for the FAQ, is exactly what jpwone describes as a guide and was nicely summed up by sharky. Sounds like we are all in accord. I think it will only take a few of us to post a few preliminary guides and I am sure people will not be able to resist commenting on them!

May I suggest that, at least initially, we put no restriction on what the guides can be. If somebody wants to publish a guide to their own whacky form of trading then we should not restrict their creative efforts.

Sharky and his moderators can watch how things progress and tinker with how things are organised if they deem it necessary.



Jls483, if you'd care to add your name to this thread:


As well anyone else interested, we can get the ball rolling with our team of editors and I can set about setting up the new forum and assigning the correct permissions to it and the new faq ed's.

In order to edit a thread you need to be a mod status for the forum its contained within. So anyone could post a guide in the forum but only the mods could edit it - jls, in that case would a thread starter need to become a mod too, or even though someone else suggests it, one of the assigned mods (maybe up to 5) can update/edit it? Could work either way.

Please note the difference between forum mods and super mods (like helenqu, skim, chartman etc) - the latter having greater permissions to manage the boards as well as the ability to edit any thread in any forum.

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