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Bringing NetBenefit (NBT)to your notice.

I have posted on this company before and although I am not too confident on fundamentals ( please do your own research ) there has been a notable increase in volume over the last couple of days.

Bombed from £21 in March '00 having been tipped by the infamous Paul Kavanagh to £1 by the end of the year. Continued down to 77p on Monday this week. Has since bounced 20% to 93p with 800% avg vol traded today.

DYOR and keep an eye on it.

Good Luck

what's going on...

Hi cookie,

Don't know what's going on with this one...It is in the recovery process as they seem to be the largest supplier of domain names in Europe...but shooting up by 20% in 2 days looks strange...the only thing I could find was rumours that an amercian company may put in a bid...can this bounce have something to do with that...coincidentally our Chartman's Holy Grail has also picked NBT...have to say I agree with him chartwise...big volume spike..RSI, MFI, OBV, stochastics all shooting up...

We'll soon find out what's going on...

(no financial advice intended)