Was contacted by these clowns yesterday


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Wow. Beta 2. Looks really good. FX and Commodities.

That looks likt such a GOOD oportunity.
Questions that spring to mind:
1. Where did you get my details from?
2. Why is a FSA regulated company cold calling?
3. Am I supposed to give you my money on the basis of....THAT???
4. If your derivitaves traders are so good why aren't they trading the market instead of telling me where to trade the market?
5. What's their win/loss ratio?
6. Hold on...is this DMA or a synthetic market we're talking about?
7. So your traders advise me on trades to place at your bucket shop?

I'm in.
Sounds great.


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Here at Beta 2 we have a team of fully qualified
Derivative Traders who have the interpersonal skills
to express their opinions and offer advice to you in
a simplistic and professional manner.

This is achieved by
rigorously pursuing our core objectives-Hard work
and dedication... To keep you 2 steps ahead of
the markets.

Unbelievable gibberish. Interpersonal skills - that's the key, no doubt about it.