Warning Level

Hi Crazy Guy,

Well spotted! Basically it's a system that we'll be rolling out over the next week or so, which will help the moderators to issue warnings to people who act inappropriately on the boards - for example by posting unsolicited advertising, or who post the same message in more than one forum, or who's behaviour is for example, aggressive or racist. Althought thankfully this doesn't happen often we've noticed a marked increase in people advertising on the boards - and rather than simply remove these posts, we wanted to issue a warning. I'll explain the system prior to it's launch, but basically it's a points system like on your driving license, points expire after a certain length of time, but if you accumulate to many points then you're banned from the site.

Putting into place a warning system should help to maintain the quality on the boards.

Of course we welcome any feedback, so please share your views with us.