Warning: eoddata.com inoperational ?


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Two weeks ago (on 2024-03-17) I bought historical intraday stock data from that company ( www.eoddata.com ) and paid via my card.
Since then I'm still waiting for the data: their system continues just saying "Building...",
but since then not a single of the bought past 4 months has been built.

I contacted their support now 3 times via email and webmail, but no reaction yet.
It seems something has happened there, maybe the sole owner of the company has died or had a fatal accident or so...
It seems there is nobody else in the company.
The website is still operational, but as said when buying data it then just says "Building..."

The company is either in the US, or maybe rather in Auckland, New Zealand as the payment data indicates.

If anybody has more information, please let us know.

Btw, a web search finds this site with many complaints about the company:
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