Wanted: ATR - TF & number of periods calculator in table format


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Happy New Year all.

Wasn't sure where best to put this, so:

I use ATR for various purposes (not all of them nefarious) and was wondering if there's a free calculator with a table output on the net somewhere along the lines of the Mataf correlation one. I want to be able to input my TF but also change the number of periods and then get the results in nice neat table for my chosen pairs.

Any ideas?
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hey there ......the ATR is an excellent tool and i use it a lot myself

if you look hard enough on the net i’m sure someone has created a dashboard



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Ta for yours!

There are indeed all sorts of offerings but the only ones I've found are where the number of periods can be varied....but NOT the TF. Ninjatrader has an Excel add-on and MT4 too which would both probably do me. If I can't locate a web-based one then I'll probably stick with the latter as I already use it quite a bit. I also use Linux and Android when I'm out and about and though I did at one point get MT4 to work sort of OK using Wine, after a while it went into a sulk and either doesn't start or just produces garbage. I'm too much of a philistine to get into the nuts and bolts of it ...which is also sort of why I'm hunting about for this ATR thingy.

Anyway, I'll keep looking and BTW, I'm an admirer of your work and I use a dumbed down approach using heat maps and gauges etc (à la Finviz) to get an idea of relative strengths. When I've got over my post-festivities sloth I'll start lurking on your thread(s):)

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