Waiting for Draghi?


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eurusd monthly



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I think it is bottom line for Euro, looking for strong bullish movement soon. Draghi speech won't affect too much, it is natural swing of Euro


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EUR/USD is certainly not a trend I'm trading against.
I'm square, looking for a re-sell, I am not a buyer.


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Count Drag-hiu-la "He wants to suck your bond"
Mario Draghi who has been the President of the ECB since 2011 when he replaced Jean-Claude Trichet, has been vigorous in convincing the ECB members that QE is the only answer. Draghi who was named by Forbes as the eighth most powerful person in the world, has a resume of a conspiracy writers dream. He is a member of the Group of Thirty (G30) consisting of privet, Central and major bank heads and even some former Central Bank heads from Brazil, Japan, Italy, Argentina, India, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Canada, Britain, France and Switzerland. Stuart P.M. Mackintosh, Jacob Frenkel, and Paul Volcker along with two Chairmen from the ECB and two chairmen from the New York Federal Reserve, members from international and academia institutions, even a chief economist of the World Bank. It continuous with a chairmen of the Bank for International Settlements, two chief economists from the International Monetary Fund and a chairman of the Basel Committee on Banking supervision. The G30,s chairmen is Draghi predecessor Jean-Claude Trichet. The group started as the Bellagio Group in 1963 by a Austrian economist Fritz Machlup who wanted to investigate the balance of payments crisis and currency problems in the 1960,s. In 1978 Geoffrey Bell started the G30 after a invitation from the Rockefeller Foundation who gave the initial funding to start the G30. If the connections to Rockefeller was not enough Draghi was also the managing director and chairman of Goldman Sachs. One may think this to be a major conflict of interest since he is also the president of the ECB, and perhaps could have a outside agenda. Draghi was also the Italian Executive Director at the world bank, later director of the Italian Treasury, then governor of the Bank of Italy where a loan secured with bonds of two billion Euros to the Monte dei Paschi di Siena (MPS) bank. The Italian Central Bank (Draghi) was making decisions that the Parliament and the public were unaware of and the end result was tax payers repaying the debts with interest and the MPS got government bonds and the ICB ended up with junk bonds. Draghi used this as a foundation for a system that protects privet banks and their owners from nationalisation and economic collapse.
Draghi had been pushing for QE from the start, Greece possibly exiting the Euro, and uncertainty in Ukraine, the "low-flation" in the Euro zone economy Draghi knew he would succeed with QE. This was to be expected by the market and you see it in the sovereign-bond market as the yields fall. Just a little insight, the guy to follow is Draghi's son who is guess what, a trader himself
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