Volunteer Needed!


Hi all,

I just wrote this post and clicked undo by accident and I'm now writing this all over again... sigh.... computers, don't you just love 'em.

Anyway, what's this all about. Well I've got an idea for a new section of T2W (not another I hear you cry!), no but this one could prove to be really interest,.. no seriously!

Okay the idea is to let anyone who wants to, have their own online journal - a diary if you will, that they can update each day with rants, bables and raves - and with a small chance of proving to be a useful insight into the day to day life of a trader.

So I need a volunteer who is willing to keep such a record of their daily life - with the intention of being updated regularly. In return the willing participant gets their very own "homepage", a diary where they can post pictures or text, and where others can post comments about them. And additionally tell us about what they're reading, even what music they're listening to.

If it proves successful, I'll open this up to any member who wishes to keep a public diary.

If you are interested, please drop me an email at [email protected], or add a post to this thread, or contact me via the many different contact methods available on the About Us page. I hope to get the journal started asap, but wilst setting it up I'll need to give some instruction on how to add entry, and discuss the best way of organising it.

I'm one step ahead of you this time Martin, me and Helen have been working on it today! Hopefully should have something ready to view in the next couple of weeks.
Hi Sharky,
I would like to do something if you could help me out.
Is it possible for me to post in a specific place the trade I may do with SPY (SPDRS), the selling, the buying, the short, the long etc. by the time when each may happen?
For example I could post 9:40(ET) short at ...., 9:45(ET) cover at ...
Whatever, just something like this, is it possible, have any idea?

P.S. I wonder how some people know me so well, aside from you!

As a suggestion, maybe BeM could do it through the chatroom. I think you can post trades through there - if he doesn't need them to be amalgamated and recorded anywhere, that is.

Don't know what the specific commands are BeM, so Sharky would have to tell you....
Hi Bem, dsmondi...

The idea of posting trades is one that's already set up in the chatroom: see http://www.trade2win.co.uk/boards/showthread.php?s=&threadid=3859 - but I don't think it's used very much of late. By all means its available and if any members wish to make use of it them pls go ahead and use this facility. Alternatively I could add a new website trade logger, which would allow users to enter their trades on the website - and keep a history for them .This could feed into the chatroom, just as the chatroom trades logged feed into the front page.

BeM I'm still at a loss as to who you are, can anyone enlighten me!? :)