Volume Updating in 2000i



Maybe someone here has had this problem:

When I open a chart with a volume indicator, the volume is displayed correctly for each bar in the past. However, volume does not update and reads 0 for each new bar. The chart correctly shows the continuously updating volume at the top, so I know the volume data is reaching TradeStation. Checking "update every tick" for the volume indicator does not help.

What I believe is a related problem is that on a volume chart, where each bar represents x units of volume, TradeStation correctly builds the chart when I open it. However, no new bars are generated regardless of the fact that the volume has surpassed x for the bar and should generate a new bar.

Any help would be appreciated.

I presume that you are trying to chart a future. If so, this is a bug. The workaround is to create a new security in GlobalServer of category INDEX (don't worry about the template - that can be futures).
The next part depends on which datasource and interface you use. I use hyperserver lite with IB, so for the ESH5, I enter ESH5.3C (the 3 is for futures, C is for Globex) Other exchanges are X ecbot, 0 (zero) for EurexUs, J for nymex
Basically whatever you enter after the "." overrides the security category and exchange code.
Having done this, I now have volume charts in TS2k.
Hope this helps,