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dbphoenix said:
Whether it makes a difference or not to her trading depends on what she wants to do with it. But since I've been working with her for several months, I'll wait to hear from her, thanks.

Actually, I was just asking a general question about how the markets are structured/linked, and how the rising popularity of the e-mini (and hence the rising volume and liquidity there) might be affecting the relationship of the emini, the full size S&P and the stocks underlying the calculated published index. I like hearing everyone's ideas, because it gives me a starting point for my own reading and research when I have time to entertain myself with academic questions of this sort. I assume that it's all good and will eventually be put to use in my trading career, even though it seems tangential now.

Db, I think you sometimes look at a related index or market sector, in addition to whatever instrument you are trading? I am only able to "take in" what I see on one chart at the present - but I hear that some traders trade only relationship spreads! It kind of boggles my mind to know that some people are probably looking at a U.S. bond chart while trading JPY currency pairs - go figure...

I am temporarily swamped with my "day work," and am using this time away from active journalling to just muse about market forces when I have a spare moment. I had been keeping a journal of different things I'm studying and learning about how the EUR/USD moves on a 1 and 5 minute chart, and frankly, it's been such a bust that I am just doing my day work and thinking about what instrument, time frame, and goals are practical for me to pursue. I'd like to be working with an instrument where it's own price and volume are the determining factors, and hence my question about the different S&Pcontracts, which is the tail, and which is the dog. I know I will have to do my own research, but I have found that the T2W folks give a wide variety of opinions, and it's great to have a basket of topics and ideas when I am ready to pick and choose what to study next. The journal work is the best thing I've found for actively finding out what it is that you don't yet know, and I'm looking forward to picking up that task when I get a few of my real job projects out of the way next week.

Ducati, I thank you for your efforts, and I have to tell you - your reply didn't make much sense to me -at first I thought I disagreed with it, but after a second careful reading I've come to the conclusion that I can't really disagree with something I don't yet understand... I do think you have been "making assumptions of greater knowledge than is actually present." At least from my corner anyway.

Thanks to all who have made an effort to show me where the path lies.


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VSA}sebastian manby

In this article Sebastian Manby discusses his take on classic Wyckoff principles regarding the study of price and volume patterns.

Please forward..thanks, bob


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Strangely Unclear


The author has a gift for assuming that the reader already knows his subject matter and therefore leaving out key explanations . His discussion of this important topic was rendered nearly useless as a result. How frustrating.
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