Very detailed analysis of the EURUSD (Eurodollar).


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Review of short-and medium-term trends euro.

Short term, there remains the potential for reducing the area of ​​the specified level of 1.2800 yesterday, the reduction falls on September 26 (Wednesday). September 26, too, is the time zone for the development of the correction to the downward movement. So, on Wednesday, the beginning of the growth can be expected for the pair in the 1.3000-1.3050 area, the completion of which should take shape until October 10.
In this fun has just begun, since October 10 Timing is a key area for the Mid-term decline in the 1.2400-1.2200 area, which should be completed in the 10-th of November.
So, watch out for key levels:

September 26: the beginning of growth of the level of 1.2800 to 1.3000.

October 10: the preconditions for the decline from 1.3000 to 1.24000/1.2200.

November 10: time to reap the fruits of medium shorts and prepare for subsequent corrective growth.


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Lord Flasheart

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Theres far too many of these threads and they are always vague.Whats different about your companies analysis and how can it help traders


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Flash it cant !

all these Experts give no actual trading opinion at all and spew out vague ideas about "what to do if".....

then they send you more spams telling you how they have made 100% correct trading calls in the last
X months......amnesia seeming to be their main claim to fame......

I have a whole sackload of other Sh*ite "expert Trader" e-mails in my inboxes if you want some...

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