Validity of Track Record?

Jul 22, 2017
Hey everyone. I was reviewing the track record of a website (buy date/price,sell date/price and I came across a couple anomalies that maybe someone would have insight on.

Buy price on POT was recorded as $15.77 on 1/06/16 on their website. However when actually checking the stock chart the low for that stock on said date was $16.03 as shown here So my question is how can you buy a stock at $15.77 when the low for that day was $16.03 ?

Appreciate any help.

Dr. Toad

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Jul 21, 2015
Sometimes stocks will sell below or above the recorded daily highs/lows. This has happened to me before both ways. I think (not certain though) that it only happens when trading odd lots. That being said, a 0.26 difference on a ~$16.00 stock is substantial and it seems unlikely.

The most I have gotten outside of recorded highs and lows is a few cents...don't remember exactly but probably no more than 0.05 and on stocks that trade at much higher prices.

Edit: it is also possible (and perhaps more likely) that the trade they made was outside normal market hours...either pre or post market. Either that or they are just full of ****.


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Sep 9, 2013
Ask them to link trading account with myfxbook or some public monitoring services. Big part of scumbags are filtered out nicely on this stage ;)


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Jul 23, 2017
Don't trust anything, unless it is provided by well known 3rd party auditing company, where you can actually call to double check... Anyone can cook anything this days very easy including fake broker statements, etc...