Using MT4 with Linux - prob with adding indicator



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Much claret has flowed under the bridge since I started this thread but now I need some more help.

I have done what I wanted to my Lenovo T520 - hardwarewise anyway:
16gb RAM - realtime p&f charts on multiple tabs are now a doddle
Dual boot on separate SSDs (W7pro on Full size and LL on a 30gb internal mSATA)
3rd caddy mounted SSD for shared storage

I went down the Linux Lite route thinking that 30gb would be more than enough BUT I now find that I might have wrong-footed myself.

On my previous Ubuntu set-up I was using a bigger drive (350gb circa) and space was not an issue. Rather late in the day, I have realised that about 8gb progs installed to /home by default.

Not a huge problem you might say...but in my case, I cheerfully partitioned my new 30gb mSSD thinking that as I was going to use a separate drive for storage and I only wanted the OS and a few programmes, I would need nearly all my space on /root and sfa on / I left 4gb only on home. I'm sure that you can guess where this is going.

Yep, half my 4gb has gone with Wine etc and I can see that I'm going to run out of space very shortly whilst I have plenty of room on my /root.

So the questions are:
1. Why do certain programmes install to /home and not /root?
2. If there is good reason to leave things as they are, can I easily change the size of my partitions using a utility with an idiot-resistant GUI? Gparted seems clunky and nerve-wracking.....

I'd quite like not to have to reinstall the OS again as (due to the Log-In Loop of Death coming to visit) I have done this 5 times already. With this practice, I've got quite good but would still prefer to avoid having to hone my skills yet further, if possible.
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