US Stock EOD: Metastock or TC2000?


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I need a US stock EOD software and am considering which one to go for, Metastock or TC2000.

I am more impressed by Metastock, but the monthly subscription fee of $59.00 seems a bit expensive, although the price includes data feed.

TC2000 requires only $29.75 per monthly, but I am not sure whether this includes both the software and the data feed. Moreover, I seem to have heard there is some problem with TC2000. Is it true?

If you have experience with either or both, can you please tell me about you opinions about either or both of them? What do you think are their pros & cons?

Thanks a lot indeed. :)


$29.95 includes the data feed for TC2000 but this is not a truely realtime product although it is very good for scanning requirements.


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Hi clylbw

It depends what your looking for. Metastock is a lot more programmable for detailed scans, but on the downside it takes quite a while to flick from one stock to the next :(

TC2000 is less programmable (but fine for what I needed), but you can flick through the charts a lot quicker, but the trendlines leave a lot to be desired :rolleyes:
As Trader333 has said the $30 for TC2000 does include the datafeed, and a delayed feed of 20 minutes

My personal choice would be TC2000 - cheaper and easy chart flicking

HTH - If not then Skim is the best person to ask. :) Sorry for dropping you in it Skim :eek:
If U're happy 2 buy Metastock, Y not go 4 both & use TC's datafeed. (TC software is free, U onlpy pay 4 the data). That way U'll pay $29.75 4 the data, not $59 & U get fundies scanning with TC & TA scanning with MS. Once set up, it's quite easy 2 transfer TC's data into MS using the Downloader that comes with MS. I've been doing this for 2 years now with minimal problems.


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FTSE Beater said:
Hi clylbw

..........but on the downside it takes quite a while to flick from one stock to the next :(

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Have you used Layouts in MS?..You create a Layout with all the indicators you want to see and once the chart is open just type the epic or name and the chart will change...that takes care of 'flicking' on a 2 Ghz machine it is like lightening..

All layouts can be given an icon for quick use...

But if one runs explorations (which takes few mins for 80 odd explorations) then save the selected few as favourites...for flicking

Also if one uses scroll wheel mouse then flicking is a doddle...

MS is a copmplex package and one needs to know all aspects to use it properly...

My two bit worth....



You can also choose ensignsoftware for $39.95.
you can download during anytime during the day which is up to the minute.
You can also view eminis also.
They even have there own chatroom and have lessons on the program every wednesday.


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Hi Zambuck

I haven't used it myself - I've only be shown it and it seemed slow. If they have improved this, then it is a giant leap in the right direction. Good on you Metastock :D
My take has already been said by RearAdmiral - buy Metastock EOD, and subscribe to TC2000. Then you can use TC2000 for some scanning and also export the data into Metastock for further scanning and tweaking.

TC2000 is EOD, although you can update your data at any time throughout the day and it will be correct up to 20 minutes previously. This makes it very good if you are looking for certain patterns and place your buy/sell orders in the last half hour of trading.

That would sort you out for US.

If you want to do the similar sort of thing for UK, then subscribe to ShareScope at £11.75 per month for data, and again export this into Metastock.

By doing it like this you can really get to grips with Metastock and learn it inside out and back to front, and use it for UK and US.



Having bought both Metstock EOD and Amibroker ( using Paritech's US and UK EOD feeds supplied in Metastock format) I find that I use Amibroker exclusively. It is very quick to flick through Metastock format data (much quicker than Metastock itself) and the program itself keeps on surprising me how flexible, quick and reliable it is. Its only slight weak spot is chart printing and this is the only time I use Metastock . I did take the TC2000 trial, however I found I needed to read the help files to do the simplest things whereas I picked up both Metastock and Amibroker quickly without recourse to such arcane activities. Amibroker supports many data feeds including another great bit of software Quotetracker which is worth checking out.

All the best



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Another MetaStock data provider is Norgate Investor Services. We provide a data service for US Stocks and Indices (we also have other stock markets, futures and forex data too).

A free trial is available.

For more information see our web site (click the WWW icon below).



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Henry, I assume you're asking me which fx markets we cover? Our Premium Forex covers 39 currency pairs and corresponding flips (for a total of 78 spot rates). Included with our futures service are the forex and forex index futures that trade on the CME, NYBOT and SFE for a total of 9 futures contracts.



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i mean i'll believe there's a better fml building software than metastock ( atleast for mere mortals like me) when i see it!!!
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