US SB'ing Firms?Are there any?


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I have been silently reading the forums for a while now but can't find the answer to this question after many searches. Subsequently i am having to make my first post.
Does anyone know of a spreadbetting firm in the united states, i want this to trade a US basket stock intraday using esignal marketcentre but UK spreadbetting firms don't offer US stocks, and if they did i would imagine the spread would be ridiculous.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

As far as I am aware, spreadbetting is illegal in the US - can anyone confirm this?

UK firms do offer spreads on US stocks - finspreads is one and I am sure there are others.
it is illegal to bet on shares in the US. the original "bucket shops" in the US were bookies on shares, now outlawed.

Most UK firms offer spreads on S&P, NYSE and Nasdaq stocks. You can also get CFD's on anything, even more than you can get spreads.
Yes, technically it is illegal for a US resident to open a SB account or to operate your SB account from the US, and there are no US SB firms.
They only started in the UK (IG was the first I believe) due to a quirk in the UK betting tax laws.

Trading US stocks intra-day would probably best be done with someone like IB.
Thanks everyone,
I found CMC forex and am now a proud customer. They seem to offer everything you could possibly need including free real time charts.