Update for REAL-TIME Share


Thanks to those how have contacted me about the shareware program.

Some of you may have experienced overflow errors whilst running the software.

Solution : Set the refresh rate to 30 in the options dialog. Once you are connected to TELETEXT portfolio press the hide button.

A fix will be on the web site at about 6.30GMT. (70Kb download)

Again many thanks to those who have taken a look.

The new version (1.5mb) and patch for existing users (20kb) is available for download at www.gocpu.co.uk/download.html

Features include :

Live download refresh in intervals of 30 seconds.
Enhanced refesh code.
GUI fixes.
Immediate download by clicking on the main ticker.

Just a summary of the main features.

Live (NOT 15 - 20 delay) share prices on your desktop
Automatic Audio, Visual and Email notifications when share hit user defined limits (hi/low).
Free upgrades.

Thanks for your patience all those who have tested the software so far.


PS I'd appreciate any feedback as to whether this application is useful or not. (Don't worry I am new to share trading (4 months) and have thick skin.
Ok you guys,

Tomorrow the markets open up. Those of you at work with pernament internet connections download the 1.5mb and watch your shares realtime on your desktop.
Update on Share Watcher

Thanks for all the feedback guys and gals.

However the seems to be as common set of questions or confusion over how the software works. Therefore hopefully this will make things clearer.

The software requires you to log into another web site and set up an account. This site is FREE and gives you LIVE share prices direct form the LSE.

You simply create a virtual portfoilio and connect this to my software. My software constantly reviews the portfolio, refreshes the data and displays it in a small window on your desktop. (upto 10 shares can be viewed at once).

The refresh is set by the user (Intervals of 30 seconds) ie update every 30, 60, 90 seconds to stop flooding of the site and browser. However the user can update the data at any time, bypassing the timer, by double clicking the main window hence giving an instant price.

Once this is setup (10 minutes) limits and alerts can be triggered by the share prices. IE if Vodafone falls below the magical 147p then email me or play a sound to alert me.

It is extremely useful when combined with online share trading and gives you the tools that the pros have for a fraction of the price.

Features that will hopefully make it into version 2

SMS text messaging of limits
Data logging and reporting.
Enhance GUI.

This software is currently shareware and is available at www.gocpu.co.uk

If you have any questions please contact me on [email protected]

Happy investing

New Features

There is a new version on the download section of www.gocpu.co.uk. Take this link www.gocpu.co.uk/download.html to get to it.

New features include

Data logging
Realtime graphing of the data logging.

Really helpful for day to day sharing.

This is shareware software and gives you "LIVE" share prices and NOT 15 - 20 delayed as all other sites and applications.

Head on over to www.gocpu.co.uk and take a look.