Unbelievable Web-Site! What do you think?


While surfing the web today, I ran accross this website. I was basically breathless. This person makes real strong claims. Click below to check out the site.

Immortality Rings

Is this stuff for real? Or is it just BS?
Please feel free to post your opinions on this thread, since I would be very interested to hear from everybody.

Thanks everyone, and happy holidays.
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Sitting on your car alternator at 'full revs' will also achieve the same result, allegedly, with the added benefit of keeping you warm, plus a (easter) bonnet to keep off the rain .... :p
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I think it is all true.

And if all the people who agree could just send me a cheque for £100,000 I will pray for your soul.
And I also have a great trading system that wins every time. Just send me £50,000 and I will tell you its secrets.
The Snake oil Man Cometh....

Brings to mind a well known saying...:


You lot are such cynics. What is the matter with you?
I use these devices and they DO give you immortality. I got mine from my dearly departed mum in her will.
Mr. Charts Immortality Device

Hi Mr Charts.

Is it inflateable?

if u do get the free 'un - make sure u remember to let us know what it's like.....;)
Wots all the fuss about.?

Some of US are immortal.. the secret of the ancients..spaceships landed amongst us and left a few behind.

And I can show you how to get next week's shareprices now if you just ema

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On the Other hand - you could......

Seen on the Internet for Tradestation (£6,000) owners !!


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I just know, I know nothing... In my humble life who am I to tell anyone if that works or not, what I know for example it is based on historical facts the MEN is always very critic in respect to what it does'nt understand or believe, eg. : the wrigth brother in the end of 19 century were motive of a good laught for the science community , and like we all know in the first decade of the 20 century they have done the impossible, the unthinkable, they create an object which could make them fly !!!
... One of my biggest achievements I feel life gave me with the pass of the years, and with the maturity was not just sofa and t.v habits but also... a open mind ... because you never know what it can come from something which, for now is still a farse, but mayb e tomorrow they will call it the biggest breaktrought of the century...
How can he afford to give them for free, that means they are a joke, otherwise they would probably be priced well over that.
(the men in white coats have slipped out for a few moments so here we go again)

As I was saying when they dragged me away, I have invented a new forecasting system giving next weeks prices today. Imagine how much money you could make, selling short Britannia before it fell 50% in a day, or longing the S&P the day before it rose 2%.

Now I have the means to give a selected few the benefits of my system allowing my subscribers to make instant fortunes with NO risk. Of course I need offer no guarantee becuase you may not interpret or implement my forecats accuratley but if you send me £1000 by bank transfer I will send you one copy of my forecast for next week.

This is dirt cheap and a steal.. if you had shorted 10,000 Britannia shares you would have made £16k in a day.. Imagine what you could do with this flow of cash.. Buy a yacht, tell your employer to get stuffed, divorce your partner /wife and get a proper looking young model, buy endless supplies of drink or drugs.

My bank details are:

Account no: 12345678
Sort code 112266
Account name: thersasuckerborneveryminute
Bank: The Bank of the Grand Caymans
Address: outside UK durisdiction.

Only suckers with loadsamoney need apply.

Remember : only those who have subscribed to my market forecasting system will get (me) rich.

I want to take you up on that offer. But I don't want to waste your time by only giving you that stupid money stuff. I have a limited supply of Martin's Magic Beans. Plant one in a flowerpot on your kitchen windowsill and it will grow into a Madasafish Magic Bean tree. You can then make a special drink which I like to call Moffee. Just drink this once a day and you will become irrestible to the opposite (or the same, if you prefer) ***, wealth will fall into your lap and you will generally be much happier.

So how about it. Your system for my Magic Beans?