Ukraine invasion

Why there’s nothing liberal about Western ‘democracies’


The Occupation of the American Mind (original 84-minute version) : Age-restricted - available on YouTube

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  • Kirby on Russian atrocities: “we’re gonna participate with the international community on making sure we can document the evidence”
  • Kirby on South Africa submitting evidence of Israeli atrocities: “meritless, counterproductive and completely without any basis in fact whatsoever”

U.S. Hypocrisy on Gaza vs. Ukraine

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Ukraine is too CORRUPT to join NATO, US says, in major blow to Zelensky… and boost for Putin​

  • Ukraine is currently too corrupt to join NATO, the US has warned
  • The defence bloc is making Ukraine take 'additional steps'
  • Corruption has held Ukraine back from deepened ties with the West for years

Russian nuclear power plant workers injured in Ukrainian attack – officials

Ukrainian strike on substation failed to disturb power supply to ZNPP

IAEA condemns drone attacks on Raduga substation of Zaporozhye NPP

Russia warns USA after permission for Ukraine to strike Crimea
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Diana Panchenko: Ukraine Journalist, Corruption in Ukraine?

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UK Just Gave Putin a Devastating Blow!​


Elections in the West are masking an irreversible hidden process


Tories lose all seats in Wales

Orban’s surprise visit to Moscow sparks fury in Brussels: Key takeaways from Hungarian PM’s ‘peace mission’


Orban rejects EU leaders’ criticism of his visit to Moscow

Third Patriot system arrives from Germany to Ukraine

Biden says he’s ‘running the world’

War has become NATO’s agenda

democracy or fascism?


Moscow to probe newly reported war crimes in Ukraine

Iskander crew strike destroys two launchers of Patriot air defense system near Odessa

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Biden refuses to believe poll numbers

Elon Musk issues WhatsApp safety warning

Ukraine planned to sabotage Nord Stream pipelines even before 2014

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Putin and Orban speak after Moscow talks: Europe needs peace very much
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Ukraine prepares for major military development before negotiations
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Ukraine asks West for submarines

A nation in pain: How political idealism destroyed Ukraine

An interview with Viktor Orban, the only adult in the room and a leader who is head 'n shoulders above any other politician in the west - most of whom castigate him for daring to mention the P word and for doing the obvious and sensible thing to put an end to the death and destruction - i.e. to broker peace via negotiation. Sadly, peace is the last thing that the U.S. and most EU countries want: they all want a forever war. IMO, of particular interest are his comments about Donald Trump and former German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Enjoy . . .

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Biden’s handlers guiding him with flash cards

Parkinson’s doctor regularly visited White House

Biden tells Congress he won’t quit

‘I’m not going anywhere’ – Biden

NATO redeploys warplanes following Russia's strike on Kyiv
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‘Untrue’: Russia slams Ukrainian claim of attack on civilian targets

Poland to shoot down Russian missiles – Zelensky

Kiev’s failures prompt West to new provocations

first Ukrainian chemical lab found during special operation


Russian diplomat points to evidence that Ukrainian anti-missile rocket fell down in Kiev

Saudis ‘threatened’ G7 over Russian assets – Bloomberg

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The war in Ukraine 'is Europe's problem' and leaders should stop 'haranguing' the US for help if Trump is re-elected, a senior ally of the former president warns as NATO chiefs meet in Washington​

  • Comments come amid fears that Trump would scale back support for Ukraine
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When are one of these many vows/threats going to materialize ?

Russia vows to retaliate if UK allows Kyiv to strike its territory with Storm Shadow missiles after Starmer insisted 'it is for Ukraine to decide' how to use the long-range weapons​

  • Storm Shadow missiles have so far been used to strike Russian-occupied areas

Kiev can ‘never’ get enough weapons – Zelensky

Western diplomats call for launching talks with Moscow to prevent further losses for Kiev

Ukraine timing tragedies to coincide with important international events

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Neurologist comments on Biden's health: concludes Biden has neurodegeneration - Parkinsonism​

Dr. Tom Pitts, a board-certified neurologist, speaks with NBC's Tom Llamas about questions surrounding President Biden's health.
Dr. Pitts has not examined the president, but shares opinions based on video clips of Biden.
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