Ukraine invasion

Biden’s faith in Kiev’s return of lost territory highlights US deadlock position

Zelensky’s pledges of new offensive stem from West’s growing irritation

Ukraine needs military aid rather then proposals to cede part of its territory

It’s time for US, Ukraine to understand Russia cannot be defeated on battlefield

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Pentagon's $1billion plan to buy 1,000 long-range stealth thermonuclear missiles
Missiles will carry warheads up to 10 times as powerful as Hiroshima
B-21 Raider made first test flight on Friday, days before Biden and Xi will meet
READ MORE: U.S. announces nuclear bomb 24 times Hiroshima
READ MORE: China to double its nuclear arsenal by 2030
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Ukraine DID blow up $20BILLION Nord Stream pipeline: Veteran special forces officer coordinated attack to sabotage Russia's stranglehold on Europe's gas supply, report claims
The Nord Stream pipeline, which carries energy from Russia and the West, exploded on September 26, 2022
Ukraine's president, Volodymyr Zelensky, always denied that his country was behind the sabotage of the vital artery
On Saturday, The Washington Post reported that Roman Chervinsky, a colonel in Ukraine's special operations forces, was behind it - but Zelensky did not know
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How Hamas is aiding Putin and Xi's ideological war against the West: US and UK 'must see Israel and Ukraine as part of a global conflict that could see Russia and China achieve economic and military domination'

Russian forces annihilate Ukraine's best tanker
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Zelensky comes into conflict with his army generals
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Former Ukrainian official says Zelensky at odds with country's military command

Europe could 'be headed for civil war,' Musk believes

Linked below is an important document that's unlikely to find its way into MSM. It's compiled by three experts with impeccable credentials in the fields of international politics and armed conflict, and provides a timeline of who said what, did what and when - to show that the real villains of the peace are the U.S., U.K. and Germany. None of which will be a surprise to anyone here who has bothered to read, watch and listen to the copious amounts of evidence provided on this thread.

Michael von der Schulenburg, Hajo Funke, Harald Kujat – Peace For Ukraine


Ukraine's joining NATO unacceptable for Russia in any form whatsoever


Zelensky says Ukraine built fleet of sea drones in Black Sea

NATO already lost in Ukrainian conflict

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Putin prepares new 20,000mph 'meteorite' hypersonic nuclear missile Avangard designed to speed into space before striking multiple targets around the world in minutes
The Avangard missile will be able to strike multiple global targets, Moscow says
It will reportedly be able to hit targets at 27 times the speed of sound
Putin previously claimed defence systems will not be able to catch it
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The most surprising initiative Russian officials have pursued involves a 1 million ruble payment (around $11,000) for anyone who signs up for the "elite division." Several pro-military accounts on Telegram amplified the initiative.

A month ago it was only 600,000!
The Atlantic Council noted that this followed an earlier initiative that tried to hire contractors for around 600,000 rubles (around $6,600) in October.
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The unpalatable truth is that Ukraine's counter-offensive has reached a dead end - and its casualties are mounting. DAVID PATRIKARAKOS argues the future of the West now rests on us helping them win

Zelensky signals troops may retreat without Western support

Zelensky worried Russia plotting coup against him

Ukrainian government reports 3,500 servicemen held in captivity as POWs


Many Ukrainian prisoners of war want to stay in Russia

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At the same time, the war in Gaza threatens to take global attention and resources away from Ukraine's efforts to defend itself. This change in focus could lead to a diminution of economic and military assistance for that embattled country.2 Nov 2023

How Britain Started the Arab-Israeli Conflict | Free Documentary History

Zelensky fears defeat at elections after hostilities end

Women account for 7% of Kiev’s military personnel — Ukrainian Defense Ministry

Turkey ready to host another round of talks on Ukraine

Ukraine’s army gives up using heavy armor in Zaporozhye area due to weather

Russia's Foreign intelligence Service: The West wants Ukraine to mobilise women and elderly
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Russia may complete special military operation in spring 2024
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Thrown naked into a pit for defying Putin's orders: Russian soldiers suffer brutal punishment until they pay £4,000 bribe if they refuse to embark on suicide missions against Ukrainian artillery

Lloyd Austin: Ukraine deserves exhausting struggle with Russia
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Putin pardons a second cannibal killer in a week as reward for fighting against Ukraine
Denis Gorin, 44, is the latest brutal criminal to be freed from jail in Russia

He was sentenced to ten years in jail and released early for 'good behaviour'.

In November 2010, he killed a man named Alexander, 36, for which he was finally convicted in 2017 after the body was found.

Gorin admitted to stripping the corpses and cutting off flesh and eating it, before dumping the remains in a river.

Gorin 'cut soft tissue from the victim's limbs using a knife he had with him, which he later consumed as food', said the court verdict.

He kept the human meat in his fridge and cooked it later, the court heard