UK Trader Locator


What's this all about?
The idea of the UK trader locator is to enable our members to meet face to face with other traders who live nearby. We've set ourselves the goal of doing everything possible to open up the active trading community and this is one more step towards achieving that goal. While the internet and the T2W website opens up a wealth of possibilities to help bring traders together we recognise the limitations of communication via the internet, and how invaluable it is to be able to meet up with like minded people and share ideas and experiences.

The idea is simple, just enter your postcode and we'll store this information in our database, the more people who register their interest the more chance there is of finding someone who lives close to you. When the Locator goes live in January 2003, it will search through the database and return the names of the members who live closest to you (in miles distance). You are then free to contact that member through the Private Messaging service which is already available through the website.

Who's this for?
This service is open to anyone all registered members of T2W and will be of use to anyone living in the the UK.

What do I need to do?
All you have to do is enter your postcode - it's the easiest way for us to locate where you are in the UK. With this information we can accurately tell where you live in relation to other traders. Simply submit this on the front page of T2W.

Do I need to enter my full postcode?
No. If you would rather not give your full postcode, you can still add just the first part of your postcode, although it will not be as accurate, we will be still be able to locate your approximate location.

For example Trade2Win's full postcode is: CV1 2TT. If you did not wish to enter the full postcode you could enter the first part: CV1 instead.

What do we do with the information we collect?
This information will be stored in our database, and will be used solely for the purposes of the trader search facility. Neither your postcode or any personal data such as email address supplied to T2W will be given out during any part of the search process. Your privacy is guaranteed. The only information that is viewable on the search facility is the distance of the nearest members to you - you can then use T2W's private messaging facility to send a message to those people you wished to make contact with.

Can I remove my postcode if I no longer wish my name to come up on the searches?
Yes. Simply email us at [email protected] with your member username and we will immediately remove your postcode for you.


Please use this thread to offer any comments or suggestions regarding this service before it launches in Jan 2003.

Many thanks,
Hi Paul,

Great stuff especially as the exact postcode details are kept confidential. I think we all know how isolated we can feel at times when at home trading. (Unlike some people I think this isolation is a major reason why traders like to train and mentor others).

I'd certainly be happy to help organise informal meets in my area if others are interested.
The Trader Locator Service is now Live!

It's another first for T2W, and a unique service not available anywhere else.

In order to use the service simply enter your full postcode on T2W, or the first part of your postcode, depending on how accurate you want it to be.

Then you'll see a link on the front page under Trader Locator that will search our database and return a list of traders ordered by the distance they are away from you. Currently 90 members have submitted their postcode.

You can then private message them, or email them via their profile page if they have selected this option, to establish contact and perhaps arrange to meet up over drinks.

For myself I can see there are three other people who live within 5 miles of me in Harrow, North West London.

The Locator service is in it's infancy and I'm looking forward to adding new features such as a map of the uk with the density of our members plotted on it, and automatic trader groups generated depending on your location. As always the more people that are willing to join the more useful it is for everyone.

If when you submit your postcode it claims to not recognise it, and you're sure its entered correctly, then you may have to enter just the first part of it instead - (postcodes change all the time, and our database might not be as up to date). If it still doesn't accept this then drop me an email at [email protected] and I'll investigate.

As always please post your comments and suggestions on this thread.

Have a great weekend!

This is a cool facility Sharky - well done for getting it going....

However, maybe peeps can be encouraged to fill in more details about them in their profiles... Anything would be good as opposed to just "N/A"...
I think I should add that any information provided to T2W on your profile WILL NOT be given to anyone else. It is for internal use only. We may occaisionally email you with a newsletter. Rest assured you will not get any junk mail whatsoever and your details will not be provided to anyone. So let's have a bit more info on those profiles.
I've just realised that since about the 20th Jan, nobody new has been able to submit their postcode successfully for this service.

The problem has now been fixed and you can now add yourself to our directory on the front page of T2W.

Apologies for those who have been trying to use this service.

Hi Sharky,

Not sure if I'm going blind but can't see any Trader Locator section on the front page of T2W. I entered my postcode a while ago and assume it registered despite the problem you've noted.

Should I be looking somewhere else?

Hi nautical,

No you're not going blind, the link through to the locator was temporarily moved when we revamped the front page. I'm going to add it back later today as a seperate page which will be accessible from the Community dropdown menu.

Of course up here it tends to read 'there are two people (one deceased) within 14000 miles' ... any chance of moving a few people up here in the next update?

I have a postcode of AB. Unfortunately I have been living in Texas for the last year. Still within 14,000 miles though. Why don't you pop round for a beer?
FTSE/Optimist - come on, surely you KNOW I don't every leave this **** keyboard!
Texas eh? I have an old friend scamming a living in Dallas right now pretending to be some VP wallah in an exploration (as in sea) company.
Why on earth would I go to the US to drink beer? (Bud, Miller, etc etc, gakkk) Be sensible - you come round my place <g>

The UK Trader Locator is now back up and running. You can get to this by a link from the "community" drop down menu at the top of every page. At the moment there are 135 people listed, 4 of whom live within 5 miles from me and Smartman who by the looks of it lives down my road!

DaveJB, you're right - you live further away from me than anyone. An impressive 435.4 Miles!