UK Level 2 feeds?


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This morning's fiasco with ADVFN has prompted me again to consider changing data providers. :mad:

I need real time charting (not fussed about indicators but need 5 or preferably 10 day intraday charts) and uncontended UK Level 2 (not necessarily from the same provider).

AFAIK the alternatives to ADVFN for Level 2 are GNI and Updata. I'm not particularly keen on opening a GNI account as the charging structure doesn't suit my trading style and position sizing strategy, and I haven't been able to get the Updata demo to activate despite a number of emails to their support desk (certainly not going to fork out a grand without trying the demo!)

Would go for the Sharescope RT option if there was a Level 2 bolt on.

Any other ideas?

Updata have changed their pricing structure, and now only charge on a monthly basis.... It may have become a reasonable option consoder....

And there's also the mytrack/mybroker feed for you to consider...
IRD also offer Level 2 through their RealTick product. They're very approachable and I'm sure if you asked them they would give you a free trial of the level2 stuff along with the standard basic product trial. ( Not cheap, but you pay monthly.

I've had a trial of RealTick before but I don't think they did UK L2 then. How much is their UK Level 2 feed a month - I can't find it on their web site?
I've emailed IRD. They don't currently do UK Level 2 but are going to be introducing it some time next year. Can't find any pricing information on the mytrack site for UK Level 2 and the email I sent them bounced.

Looks like Updata then - thanks dsmodi for pointing out that they now charge monthly. They have also finally sorted me out with a week's free trial.

Any Updata users out there have any views on the reliability and accuracy of their feed?

obiwan from the chatroom tend s to use it... mind you, he isn't on chat so much these days, but i'm sure he'll reply to emails...

btw - pls try to post your thoughts on the updata software somewhere on this website, if possible....

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I will let you know what I think of the Updata software once I've tried it out. I've also been directed to for an alternative UK Level 2 service. They do a 2 week free trial.

BTW, the problem I was having with ADVFN today was orders getting left on the book after they had been pulled or filled in real life; this was happening both inside and outside the spread so the order book just couldn't be trusted. :mad:
Streetwise, you haven't read my post properly. The newsflow occurred in the very short interval (perhaps 20 seconds) before my buy order being filled and my stop order going through. As I have done thousands of trades it is not surprising that this should happen eventually.
traderjoe, - provider of streaming prices, intraday charts and Level 2 information

You come across as very confident with your trading - confidence is good.
Any chance you can share your trading strategies....
streetwise, I make far more overall by trading off Level 2 and fine tuning my entries and exits, which needs the immediacy of online trading, than I lost on that single trade - not to mention being able to react much more quickly to fast moves than if I have to phone up
Just to say that I have been warned off Updata, and steered towards Proquote by the following post:

The problems he describes are similar to those I have been having with ADVFN (to do them credit they did act promptly yesterday morning to get them fixed) so little point in switching.
I use advfn L2 contended, real headache with instant disconnections and rogue trades started appearing for updata, I havent tried it yet, but a friend who did told me "updata L2 screen not very easy to read quickly"...I used proquote long time ago and it was ok at the time, though expensive...I think I'd go for proquote if they were all at similar prices

The Proquote service costs about 50% more than either Updata or ADVFN uncontended. FWIW ADVFN say they now have a script which runs every 30 minutes looking for rogue orders which should have been deleted. I love the readability of the ADVFN Level 2 screens.

I think I'm going to do nothing about it until after Christmas assuming there are no further problems with ADVFN. I would have to give them 30 days' notice to downgrade and the last thing I want is to be paying for 2 Level 2 feeds over the Christmas period when I probably won't be trading at all. :D
I keep advfn as a back-up for US trading, but have never actually used it.
They do have a lot of problems and a new service from a different provider might appear Jan-March. The people involved are very capable and will be offering a competitive service which I would expect to be very robust.
Proquote is excellent and I used to use them for UK trading after I got fed up with Marketeye. I terminated my contract with Proquote when they raised the cost from £80 to £150 per month overnight, though that coincided with my decision to trade the US instead.
Proquote is really good and I cannot remember any failure or outage, unlike advfn.
Hope that helps.
Ah yes, as you have reminded me there is also the prospect of Bullie's rival service - wasn't aware it was likely to materialise that soon.

Have you decided on a solution yet??

I too I am searching for a data sevice provider (Only LSE EOD) and was wondering if anyone had any good and cheap sources....
Checked, no mention of it there, Mr Charts...