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I'm not UK resident, but I would like to setup UK bank account to get debit card and thus minimising cost for sending money between brokers/bookies, by cheque or wire transfer it takes too long and cost too much. As I can see there are many banks, big competion, no fees, overdrafts ... but most of them require to be UK resident or have UK address.

Does anybody know about bank which can open an account for me? My country is member of EU, so I'm surprised it is such problem to have bank UK account.


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I'll gladly open an account for you.

Just send me a truck load of cash and I will promise to take good care of it for you.

If you need my name , address etc. please let me know py P.M.

Hmmmmmmmmmm !!!!!!!



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find a friend who live in the uk, then ask if them if they dont mind you using there address for a bank acount. you then can ring british telecom and ask them to put a phone line in the address,this then giving you a utility bill. Go to the bank and open a bank acount. They will ask about your work, you can be self employed and still get an acount and debit card


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You need 2 bits of id to open a UK bank account. One of which must be a photo-bearing id (DL or Passport).


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...and if you're a non UK resident you can even claim a free house and car to boot! Our kind government will also give you £100 per week for your nice new bank account! Now thats lucky because if you're British you can't even get a hospital bed if you're dying, or basic education for your kids. The only thing the UK government will give you is a court order and a prosecution for displaying the Union Jack as they claim you are offencive and a racist!!!!!

Whats that rumbling? Oh - only my Grandfather turning in his grave!


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yea, looks dodgy to me too.

You can open an overseas account, or if you have a friend in the UK use their address to open an account with someone like first direct.


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I believe you will have some luck with Citibank

dear community

citibank uk have decided to double their commissions on their foreign currency exchange rates. that means that if until now citibank charged a comission of 2% now they charge 4%. so for example if when the exact exchange rate is pounds for dollars is 1.60 they used to give you 1.57 and now they will only give you 1.54 !!
so please join the community and send a secure message to citibank uk (sign in to internet banking then go to customer services then go to send a secure message and choose subject "statements" as that is what gets through the quickest) complaining about this as if they get enough complaints there is a massive chance they will reinstate the old better exchange rates. this is what their customer services informed me

so for a sample letter to write them

dear sir

I have been a customer for a long time. I have a complaint regarding your exchange rate from £ pounds uk to $ dollars.

I know that you change your rates every half an hour. but my question is that when I used to transfer over £ pounds I would get a compatibale exchange rate relative to other banks. usually it was half a penny from the market price. also when I sold dollars & bought pounds I would get a penny from the market price. so for example the rate to buy dollars would be 1.58 & at the same time the rate to sell dollars & buy pounds would be 1.60 So MY QUESTION IS WHY DID THE COSTS BECOME HIGHER SINCE NOW THE RATE HAS BECOME A 2 PENCE CHARGE SO NOW THE RATE TO BUY DOLLARS IS 1.56 AND AT THE SAME TIME THE RATE TO SELL DOLLARS & BUY POUNDS IS 1.62.

Citibank in the past offered exchange rates that definitely provided a nice comission to citibank and that was fair to the customers which was a perfect combination as citibank deserves to earn revenue from it's services. But now citibank has increased the exchange rate commission, this is taking advantage of the customers and unfair to them.
I therefore feel that citibank should go back to their old exchange rate which is both fair to the customer and still advantageous to citibank. I am sure customers will change to other banks which now stand at a better exchange rate such as close brothers or hsbc. Also customers mainly openend accounts at citibank to transfer money abroad, in effect exchanging the money for another currency and to increase the exchange rate commission WITHOUT EVEN NOTIFYING THEM is definitely not the correct path for a reputable bank as citibank who cares for their customers. Therefore this surely must be something incorrect so please change it back to the way it was.

Please pass this on to the uk department as I would like someone from the uk to reply.

thank you in advance

a valued customer
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