Tying in L2 book and T/A


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I have had questions for years that had no answers for me. A doji appears in my 5 min chart during the uptrend. No change in volume from previous bars. Doesn't gap up or down from previous, a minor support resistance line at that level. A nightmare. Not any longer. Now I utilize L2. The cumulative bid ask ratio is showing sell pressure and trade events is higher while total bid ask cumulative is flat. I know with high percentage certainty that it is a continuation. I can stay in that trade at least for another bar.

Is anyone else out there building systems that utilize L2?

I am trading and recording as I go for various patterns and all seem to benefit from L2 information. Is this type of thing interesting to other traders out there? I had to build a system for integration to my trading platform. Is there any companies putting together this kind of indicator technology? I can't seem to find any.

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