TS 2000i Multiple Entries and Exits


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Hi everybody,

I'm trying to design a system with several entry- and exitsignals.
Although, I want the system to place an stoporder with every new open position immediatly on the day of the entry, not the day after!

I know how to connect an exit to an specific entry (ex: exitlong from entry("ABC") lowest(L,5)[1] stop), but this type of order is generated after the close of the bar. I work with daily charts, so this means the order will be in the market the day AFTER I opened the position.

The setstoploss-function works on the same day, but can't be connected to a specific entry order (the way I tried it!?). So when I get a second position the function calculates a stop price for the entire position... not what I'm looking for...

To make my point clear, here is an example:
Let's say I bought yesterday 5 contracts at 95 and placed immediatly an stop for 5 contracts at 92.625 (2.5% risk) and today I buy another 4 contracts (different entry signal!) at 94.35 and now I want the system to place a second stoporder for 4 contracts at 91.99125 (again 2.5% risk) immediatly!? The calculation for the entries and the contractsize is not the issue, only the stoporders!

Hopefully somebody has a solution or a hint!?

Thanks in advance!

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