tricorder (TCT)

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First post to this site,it looks interesting to me,and the members seem to be pretty clued up,that`s the end of the intro boys/girls.
I hold tct and mls,mls don`t cause me many sleepless nights,but tct...Does anybody at this site know what`s going on,I mean the company have never been better placed as regards sales and marketing,also deal to supply Babbages in the us with the new clone generator for the gaming sector and...price going south nay deep south in fact so far south we are running out of south....anybody?

Sorry cant help Fundamentals wise, but the chart looks a no-hoper........
Sorry cant help Fundamentals wise, but the chart looks a no-hoper........
Its got the tech malaise. I dont know when it will stop going down, but I think you have to wait for a major tech turnaround, or get out now. It might bounce in its trend channel but its weak.

Welcome to the "club" babylon. One thing i trust you will learn from this BB is not to hold on to a stock going down, but to use a STOP LOSS to minimise any loss.

Cant help with the quest you have, but perhaps our great fundamentalist wizard by the name of Cookie can throw some light on the stock.

Best wishes and look forward to reading you future posts


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Just looking at the chart details available on this site, going back 6 months, it looks a bit of a see-saw ride. Fairly regular 28 day cycle. Approx 40% swings in price.. not a bad one to trade.

Borrowing a PC at the mo... my normal PC lost all the Windows files. God knows how. I hope the computer man can locate and retrieve my data files.
Welcome BB to our BB,

TCT are market leaders in three dimensional human form technology. Whilst they offer 3D imaging to consumers in the electronic gaming industry via their subsidiary business Q3, their major growth business is a recently launched Healthcare division based in Atlanta USA called 3dMD. The major project being the sales of the DSP400 system which will operate alongside X-Ray, MRI, CT, and Ultrasound. Its function is to instantly capture the human shape, texture and skin tone resulting in quick medically acurate 3-D images to be used primarily in the area of re-constructive surgery. ( Dentistry, Plastic Surgery and in the future Breast re-construction) They took their first order from the US in October and have subsequently delivered two sytstems to UK hospitals.
Sales to the NHS have been reported as slow and the major growth is seen coming from the USA.

Floated in June '98 their price reached a high of 200 in January '00. The reason for their catastrophic demise to their current price of 27p is twofold, obviously the tech fall out when like so many other companies where the inflated stock price took into account future exciting products and growth but more important investors have seen losses increase and the time for profit moving further away.

There is no doubt that this company has an exciting future but you cannot allow emotion to rule your pocket. Your predicament is one entirely based on money management. If you need the money one would argue that it would be better invested elsewhere. But who knows any exciting newsflow could send the price north.

IMHO it will be a long time before this one gets back to 200. The decision is yours.

Good Luck

Sorry, just realised I was looking at mls when I made most recent comment.
Thanks guys
A great response to my posting guys thanks,unfortunately it didn`t throw up anything I didn`t know,I just thought somebodt had a different slant on the company,as for the stop loss,I`m afraid I took my eye off the ball for a couple of weeks,as I`m overseas from time to time and came back to all time lows on the stock,personally having done my homework before the cash commitment I`m fairly certain all things considered tct will come good,the technology is too good to crash and burn,3i and amadeus aren`t about to see their investment go down so I`ll hang in there for a while yet....maybe.