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I guess most people, when shown the pip count for the last 5-6 yrs blank out the fact that there has been and will be big drawdowns
I know when i signed up i had visions of making 1000 + pips p/m and kin of ignored the blips (mental thing i expect)
How long have you been with them ? edit, just saw earlier post, 8 mths, must of been just as performance dropped off in March/April
I started trading it in March of this year, so this is my 8th trading month. Luckily I did not trade August due to holidays, I think it lost over 1000 points.
This is my personal pip count, missed some good ones and bad ones plus a few errors.

Sep 68
July -3426 (I think TS was -2700)
June -33
May 561
April 53
March 115

In pound notes I am about £2700 down plus system cost.

They have massively tweaked the S4 apparently but won't touch it if D1 isn't doing it.

I am really surprised more people haven't reviewed this system over the years, considering it has had hundreds of purchases


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Good of you to post up your results, not many would be so honest/open.
I think, as with any system, you have to take every signal, sods law that the ones you don't will be the winners !
Yes the s4/s5 was re-launched a couple of weeks ago, i have the occasional check on that also, but the results are not great on that either.
They have also tweaked the DT2 recently, to try and reduce the non-performing trades, i think that shows that the intra day system is struggling too.
I am also quite surprised that there are not more users/ex-users posting on these boards
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