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Hey Guys,

found this forum while looking into how Trend Simplicity was doing (been following them since early 2000).

I'm not surprised their system faltered during these times (which I expect most systems to, due to the unbearable swings and uncharted waters commodities have taken over the past 6 months). However for whatever it's worth Trend Simplicity did very well in the early mid 2000's and I did make quite a bit off their trade recommendations (however I cherry picked them).

In regards to filling up........ to avoid not getting filled simply use a slightly lower/higher (2 pts/tics or so) entry point and that should cover that issue.

I also had a system on the Canadian Dollar which I profited nicely for quite some time (until Mid 2000's around 2004 or so) and was profitable as far back as I back tested (Note: while I was using it, it worked great). I then discovered poker and that was it for me in futures.

Recently I became curious as to how Trend Simplicity was doing (which eventually led me here). In the back of my mind I always though such systems would falter in these types of economic unseen in nearly 80 yrs. I also tested my own trading formulas on the Canadian dollar which worked great up to the point where the Canadian Dollar started having swings of 200-300 points in a day (unheard of before this past year) and accordingly faltered with great porportions.

My point is: Trend Simplicity wasn't a complete crap of a system, but rather 1 that will only work in certain market conditions (which will return, but not for some forseeable years from now). The current market we are experiencing is quite rare and NO system should currently be used to predict profitable trades.

Hope this gives some insight to those who think they can blindly apply trading recommendations in any market.

Ps. Personally I think the market is still far from its' bottom (I do envision the DJ to a low 5000 figure and possibly dropping into the high 4000's). Then if I see things stablize for a year or two, I might consider re-entering the markets using such trade recommending software and I'm sure they will once again prove profitable.........but only if the correct type of stock atmosphere is present.
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