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This thread is dedicated for all the T2W Trend Followers (Daily plus.)

I will be posting screen shots of any charts that fulfil my technical criteria as a potential Trend Following trade.
I may be in some of the trades already.
I am long and short. In equities, futures, FX and Bonds. In a bull market I am mostly long individual equities (with some short individual equities). In a bear market I am mostly short indexes and ETF’s (with some individual long equities).
My holding time is the longer the better! A good trade is weeks to months.
I will not be in every trade I post, (probably about half of them) mainly due to correlation over exposure. And I will not be calling out entry triggers or trade management.

I would like this thread to be a “heads up” to strong daily trends. I would like other T2W Trend Followers to join in by posting screen shots of charts they like the look of.

So please join in and create some awareness by posting your longer term Trend Following charts.

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