transfering STERLING into EUROS


HI all

I need to transfer Sterling into Euros and take delivery of the actual money. it is a size-able amount of money as it is for property development.
I would prefer to not have to do it through the high street because of the spread and extra costs incurred.

all help would be much appreciated.
if you speak to the treasury division in your bank, they will do it for interbank rate for amounts over £5000. The spread on it should only be .0003 (currently .7067/70)

You can then arrange to collect it at any suitable branch.
hi jonnyT

euro today is approx 1.41
Marks & spencer is approx1.36

difference is 5 cents

I will be losing 5000 euro on a £100000 transaction.
If possible I would like to get as close too 1.41 as I can.

it will pay for a nice kitchen!

thanks pete hannan, Trader333.
Ah, Why didn't I think of trading currencies through M&S?

Maybe Sainsburys offer a better deal, then there's always Tesco...

Why arn't you hammering the banks where you have accounts?

I would be.

its nice to know you can make the exchange away from the High street.

having approached several brokerages and not getting any joy i seriously thought I was going to have to go through the high street.