Training Seminars And Costs

BlueChip Trader

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I want to start a general discussion about Training Seminars and, in my view, extortionist cost of some of the "Popular" Seminars. Anyone charging more than £500/day to train novice traders is in my view not doing justice to the trading community. What do you think?

People starting out in trading would be better advised to acquire knowledge by reading as many books as possible, by visiting very good resourced sites such as T2W and by actually acquiring experience by trading with real money (not paper trading). Learn to control emotions and losses.

There are many good seminars that provide very good value. Some are listed on this site. But many that I dislike are those that promise you the earth and charge you gold. What do you feel and think?
Hi BlueChip Trader

Welcome to T2W :)

I've been on 2 1/2 courses.

The half and first one was the Chris Manning taster session to get you interested in buying the main thing. IMO It's worth 3 hours of anybodies time.

The second one was about £250 given by TBS ( It was a perfect introduction to TA. Unfortunately I don't think the courses are being run anymore, but yes i would agree with you about paying less than £500 especially when your learning.

The third course I went on was the one done by Alan Farley. It was designed as an advanced course - and trust me it was advanced. Most of the theories were going straight over most peoples head, but the knowledge can be applied to everything. For just over £1000, it is expensive, but it was an advanced course aimed at advanced traders.

Your right when you say that T2W has a lot of very good information. The main posters are mainly full-time traders, or have been trading for so long that they have great knowledge. Just reading Chartman's analysis of the Dow will give you a great start to TA trading.

I have to disagree with you about real trading over paper trading. I'm a big fan of paper trading first and then moving onto the real stuff. Yes I know paper trading can be fixed and not a true picture, which is why I would suggest Henry's Tsim as it's as real as trading without putting the money down

Yes, I think most courses are very poor value for money, let's say.... I can't see why it costs so much- it has to be pure greed. Alan Rich seems to offer great value for money, if USA L2 is your desire. When you consider it's 1:1 then it speaks for itself. A day's consultancy with a Tos*** of a Solicitor is gonna relieve you of a grand or so, and all you get ius 99% non commital answers! I've long thought about offering TA seminars to small numbers at sensible prices. I'm sure people would jump at the chance of a Dow TA seminar at £50- £100 for a day.
Please don't ask when/where etc. At the moment it's nothing more than an idea in the back of my mind.