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My main question is whether or not people feel that formal forex training from a company or seminar is the ideal way to go. On the one hand I know that any knowledge gained is a valuable thing but on the other hand I wonder if these trainers are so good and wise as to the workings of forex, how come they need to train and don't just trade (seems much easier to me)?

So I guess I would like to know how most of you experienced forex traders got your starts and where you gathered your knowledge. Can these expensive courses and seminars teach me something that I can't learn from books and trial and error on a demo account?
How did you experienced traders go about it?...everyone starts somewhere.
Thank you.


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Similar question

I currently trade CFD's on the US and UK stock markets and am keen to start currency trading due to the extended hours etc offered. I have seen quite a few trading courses eg Peter Bain's and various others. They tend to come in around £250 so are not that expensive when compared to one a few trading losses avoided. However are they any good and does anyone have any experience of using them or any other FX training materials?

At £250 it is not too much to loose if they turn out to be rubbish but if they set my trading back and cause trading losses due to bad advice then that makes it a whole different ball game.


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I honestly feel that this site has plenty of information and well I reckon don't go spending silly money on seminars etc.

Only you can weigh up the 'need' to go to one of these seminars.

On the other hand I know people who have spent alot of many, researching into strategies etc but what the hell is the point if 'individuals' don't have self discipline when trading and sticking to rules. Tried and tested stick to it and good systems do return results. When people start thinking they are smart and trade with a blind eye, well, thats just dangerous.

Goodluck guys, either way I hope you make money in forex as its a B***h of a market!

Newtron Bomb's done a good job with his site:

If anyone else could post any good info sites that could be beneficial for these guys:? :?: ?


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Same as user really ,highly recommend N Bomb's site and log into the FX chat room you can learn so much from these guys who are happy to answer any question's you may have . :cool:
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