trading the dow jones


i've been reading a lot of the messages left on the site

and found them very interesting.
i'd just like 2 say myself, i only trade the dow jones indice
and have found the best way 4 me 2 stay ahead is not 2 trade every day but give u'rself a figure of when u think the indice has reached the bottom or top then trade higher or lower.

this week ive only traded once and made a few quid but i find if i try and trade several times a day then i always end up losing.

so now i trade 3-4 times a month give myself 4-500 point gap and trade usually downwards. especially now when the dow is hitting the very top. personally i think we're headed 4 a big drop probably within 6-8 weeks.but rather than trading a few quid a time i normally trade 15-20 quid a point on deal4free (small spread) and have waited weeks sometimes 4 the dow 2 reach 9300 then sell bigtime. working at the moment- but who knows 4 sure -- we'll have 2 wait n see cheers all
Position trading, as you've described, is often a wonderful way to make money ... as long as you have the skill to recognise a market top or bottom when you see it forming, the discipline to stick with your trade through pullbacks, and the depth of pocket to ride the drawdowns.

Nice post, and welcome to T2W! :D