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Going to spend some serious time putting together a proper Trading Spreasheet - for recording current trades / past trades and possible future ones.

Just wanted to know if anyone had any advice /links/ rough templates which might be off help!

Thinking of using some of the advice given by Elder in 'Come into My Trading Room'

Thanks -JK


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Did you ever put together a spreadsheet ??

I need one to record my trades and don't really want to reinvent the wheel if someone has alreadyy done one (and is happy to share it).


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I think putting together your own spreadsheet is a very necessary part of the Toa, my sheet has evolved over time into something far better than the basic thing I started with. What exactly are you trading and what kind of sheet are you looking for? track record, system, blotter?


Attached is an very incomplete excel worksheet which I have been working on. Its primarily based on Elder's work but will no doubt evolve over time.

Its not as far developed as the one I have at present but I thought it might give you something to go on.

Column C has conditional formatting on to change the colour of the cell dependent on the data entered in it. (Format/Conditional Formatting)

This is my first feeble attempts at using Excel so please don't laugh too much. I just remember the difficulty I had in finding anything suitable.

Maybe those traders more advanced than I would also submit their worksheets.


PS: Column N calculates daily interest adjusted figure and not a compounded figure which requires a different calculation.


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Check out
This is developed by an old friend of mine . I do not like to post anything commercial but I can definitely vouch for the integrity of this person.
Great for Equity investors I think.


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it may be obvious, but my error to start with was not to design
my spreadsheet with what I was going to use it for in mind.

For example I now have a "reason code" column for entry
(and exit) which enables me to sort the records by those reasons
and lets me know which of the entry signals are working best (or
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