Trading software

What trading software do you use

  • AIQ

    Votes: 10 32.3%
  • Metastock

    Votes: 5 16.1%
  • OmniTrader

    Votes: 6 19.4%
  • Sharescope

    Votes: 5 16.1%
  • Updata

    Votes: 3 9.7%
  • Other

    Votes: 2 6.5%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Here's a poll to find out how many people use each of the trading software products.

If you use more than one please vote for your preferred product.

Out of 51 views only 12 responses to this poll. Considering, this BB was set up for the advocacy of TA am surprised there hasnt been a bigger response.

Not sure what Darth had in mind when he set up the thread, whether pure curiosity or some other reason. Whatever it is, come on all you viewers let the world know your preferred software.

Hi Uncle
May be usual problem with questionnaires. Only ONE choice allowed, I could have ticked 4.

Perhaps it should allow multi-answers

Joe, the concept was to vote for your preferred program. I think that there will be a lot a people like you and me with more than one package.

I noticed the poll function this weekend and thought I'd try and see what sort of response there was.

Also bear in mind, that there will be a number of "browsers" that just don't have anything...Along with newcomers.
I'm sorry I've boobed again. I should have voted for Updata not AIQ as my one preference.
Well, I (at least) found the poll results interesting.

Since the number of results so far is about the same as the number of entries in the competition I suspect that most people have voted.

I expected to see more AIQ users and didn't realise that so many metastock and other packages were actively being used.

Thanks for voting. Maybe soon I might ask another question but I don't want to over do it in case everyone gets fed up with silly questions.

So, how's about a Metastock routines page similar to the AIQ page? This should have them flocking in!
Forums for all!

Does metastock have similar routines to AIQ, if so.. let me know the files extension and what it's called, and I'll add a forum for that too. Do you think these specific forums should just be for routines, or anything to do with the software. If members want updata, sharescope, omnitrader etc. forums too, I'll also add them.


you can export metastock systems, experts and queries as .DTA files.

However in my opinion (others please comment) it's not worth creating a download feature as cut and paste would accommodate all my needs.

I would find it helpful/interesting if AIQ users could post text source too as the scripting language could be translated into other systems. This would assist cross-fertilisation of ideas and an understanding of the pros/cons of each package rather than gathering into separate tribes.

How do others feel?
Sharky - I think it would be nice to have one for each of the software programs, and containing anything and everything to do with that program.

That way, if anyone is interesting in getting the software they can get a feel for what it's like by the comments and observations, and people can also post prices, availability, etc. We do know that people from the software companies read these messages, so let's hope they won't be shy in coming forward to respond to any questions about their software.
Other Software Forums

Would be interested in a forum for Updata and also Omnitrader -hoepfully others would like to see similar.
Also would be really keen to see some discussions on Neural Networks and the like-have tried a couple of posts and either no one is interested or somehow I have offended lots of people as I havent had much response-nil to the last one : )


I don't know if many people have experience of neural networks yet. I'd be interested in hearing your experience if you have tried it.

I got an upgrade to Omnitrader this week but haven't noticed any real differences in between OT2000 and oT2001. I'm using metastock more these days but would dearly like to find a tool that is less time-consuming! Most of my stock picks rely on me to differentiate between good and bad.
Re Neural nets

Hi Darth,
Thanks for the response-it does seem that limited numbers of people using or interested in neural nets-have just replied to a post from Troy re Deep Insight. I have limited experience with neural nets(just starting out) but what I have been impressed with so far is their flexibilty when you are using them for building Trading Sytems-I am also impressed by the use of Genetic Algorithms to optimise systems and indicators that you have already built.e.g. will automatically determine for given share/index etc what is the optimum moving average period or bollinger band width etc etc.Also some of them come with add ons such as fuzzy logic programmes where you can ask them to search through reams of data with queries such as find out where clsoing price gaps up then trends sideways then gaps up again etc etc-they take a hell of a lot of the spade work out of identifying candidates and giving buy/sell signals.There is a need however for some early spade work to understand what is going on and how to set up the programmes.Modern ones like Neuroshell dont need you to be a rocket scientist but still need some time to get to grips with.Once you have a system that you are happy with it works along the lines of Omnitrader just run the data on the shares etc you are interested in and it gives buy/sell signals. Have a look at for more info-or send me an e mail if you have any specifics.

I would be interested in getting a Meta formula language thread going, I'd even be happy to administer it (I also use OmniTrader, but don't see much value in it having it's own thread bar for various models that people have built as well as daily picks and commentaries).

Personally, I think that people get way too caught up in filters and the like, and for some users, having a large collection of filters is akin to stamp collecting.

The fact of the matter is that there will never be one singular 'super filter' that works under all trading conditions. If traders educate themselves to understand the various market characters and environments along with leading / lagging, oscillator and trend based indicators, they would rether quickly understand that 3 or 4 filters do the trick in terms of identifying condusive trading opportunities.

In the near future, I will start posting charts to show you what I mean, but for the moment, it's something to think about!


Can I suggest you post under Tecnical Analysis?I'm sure there will be plenty of followers.