Trading should be complicated


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I actually take different trades from the site 70% of the time- I wish I heeded my own advice! I'm so pleased to see people responding positively here, instead of a well known US site where they just snipe at each other. Trading is hard and complicated-if it wasn't there'd be no trading. I wish the forex crowd would get this instead of ploughing in,making themselves ill in the process. There is no downside to learning about options,and I think it should be a part of any trader/investor's armoury. Trade 111 is a christmas tree by the way. Yes-that is a strategy in the options world.

must take a look one day at options ....does sound interesting



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NVP there is a lot of goodfre stuff on options from the US- a bit rubbish for UK retail sadly-maybe because we are not the 78% that lose money


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is there a particular reason for that? Can you suggest any good online brokers with good platforms?

What platforms do you use for your analysis?



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If we speak about US stock oprions, pay attention to IB and TD Ameritrade. They both provide platforms with the possibility to analyze and trade stock options. To my mind, the platform provided by IB, the TWS, is a bit better from the point of UX. At the same time, Ameritrade`s TOS has flexible filters, so the best solution is to use them both depending on particluar situation. Maybe, other platforms also provide possibility to trade options, but these two have enough functions and features for that purpose. By the way, you can use them for futures options too. It is also important to mention that TD Ameritrade provide services to US clients only, so if you are outside of the US, you should look for something else.


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Cannot realistically trade options online in the UK- SAXO bank have a platform but they have yet to roll out multi-legged strategies. IB is too ugly for me- I quit with them some years ago. For analysis I use CME's Quikstrike tool nad for markets I use I get direct to market prices from the broker, ADM which often pays for the slightly higher commissions. I don't trade the US, although it's superior, I just like UK time-and bang for buck FTSE=SPX no difference and no currency risk. I pay for beer in £!
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I found it flakey entering orders- I had one or two 'accidents' that were costly and the platform froze on occasion -it killed my Dell laptop in the end. I'm not obsessed with money and as I am an older gent I only seek additional income, and have never scaled up, trading using about 1/4 of margin. Each to their own however. The choice in the US for options platforms is fantastic, but I'm not a killer trader as I say,and I never bother with equity options


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Fair points and I was just being curious.


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truly, one of the most straightforward frameworks at any point genuinely exchanged was the Turtles'. We as a whole realize that it worked. Is there any proof that this technique or another similarly straightforward framework pattern following framework won't even now work?


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It's hard to trade like the pros. They don't really use technical indicators but the number of things has to be in place before taking a trade can be hard.
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